Chapter 11

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Sophie told me that King George had two wolves working for him. I nodded, I knew that the first wolf was Logan, who had escaped captivity during the attack. She had met Logan and confirmed that he had been one of them. She did not know the name of the other wolf, but confirmed that it was someone with power.

"Thank you for this. I hope you don't mind, but you shall have the guest bedroom in the Alpha's house."

"No that's not a problem." She said. I liked her she was kind but I could see that spark of humour in her eyes.

I led her to her room and told her that she could help herself to any of the clothing in the wardrobe.


Whn Sophia was settled in, I made my way to my room to find out what Chase was doing.

"Hey, just me!" I called. I heard the shower stop and a few minutes later the bathroom door opened and Chase stepped out in nothing but a towel. I felt my eyes darken with lust.

"See something you like?" He asked with a smirk.

"Can't say I do, everything is covered up." I said huskily, winking at him and moving closer to him. I pressed myself to him and he let go of the towel, wrapping his arms around my waist. I crashed his lips to mine. I felt myself being lifted into the air and placed onto the bed, our lips never breaking contact. His lips trailed down to my neck and a moan escaped my lips. His hands roamed from my waste to my breast. I felt his cainine teety extend.


When you meet your mate, the process isn't complete until you have been marked. Being marked means that the male wolf bites the femals at the base of her neck and the bond is sealed through sex.


I felt the stinging pain of his teeth on my neck that was quickly replaced with a feeling of pleasure. He removed his teeth and pulled my tank-top up, I lifted it over my head to reveal my lacy red bra. He looked hungrily over my body before placing his hand on my back. I felt the familiar release as he unclipped the hooks of my bra. Suddenly his lips were back on mine and I felt his dick pressed against my thigh. His lips skimmed down to my boob and he began to suck my nipple. I threw my head back moaning and grabbed his dick in my hand.

"Chase!" I gasped , I was beyond turned on.

"Yeah baby?"

"I need!" I moaned.

He pushed open my legs and slid my shorts and underwear down. His head disappeared between my legs and I screamed in pleasure. The speed of his tongue increased and I arched my back as the pleasure reached an all new high.

"Cum for me baby." He said, before continuing to lick me.

I felt myself go over the edge. He smirked.

"My turn." I said, pulling him towards the edge of the bed. I dropped on my knees in front of him, running a hand gently over his manhood. I heard him take a sharp intake of air and took the opportunity to place his cock in my mouth. I began sucking, moving his penis in and out of my mouth.He moaned before I felt the warm salty liqui in my mouth. I quickly swallowed it before standing up. Chase pushed me back onto the bed and pulling my legs open. I felt him place his his errection at my entrance before he thrust inside me.


I placed my head on his chest once we were done and closed my eyes. Just before I lost conciousness I heard Chase whisper four words.

"Kitty, I love you."

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