Chapter VII

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I didn't know what to do. If it was a real little creature afraid or if it was a trap. If I should or shouldn't care about what could happen to them. But I was still human, there was a part of me that did care about what it thought was correct, so I found myself sitting in front of the kid.

"Hello, are you lost?" Was the first thing I thought, and maybe that was the case. Even if that was the land for dreams and nightmares alike, there were some creatures from it, the natural inhabitants of Dreamare.

However, no answer came from that nervous mouth, which was still trying to find the right phrase. I decided to try something else. "Did you see those big creatures?" And I pointed a finger to where I came from, watching as they head nodded. "They were trying to hurt me and my friend, but we will not do anything to you, don't be afraid."

I held out my hand, waiting for them to take it, and after a moment of hesitation, they did. "You must be hungry and tired, aren't you?" Another nod as a response. I looked at the sky and saw how the day was coming to an end. "You can come with us and tomorrow we can search for your parents, do you want to?"

The kid didn't say a thing, while trying to hide new tears, and I thought that maybe that wasn't what they wanted to do, maybe they didn't even have parents... "Or you can tell us what you want to do, but it's no safe for you to be here, you know that, don't you?" As before, another nod, after drying their eyes, and a more relaxed face.

I got up from the floor and they did the same without letting go of my hand. I could still feel the fear, the nerves and so many shadows they was still hiding from me, but everyone had their own secrets.

But... even a child? I thought. Maybe... maybe...

I took a deep breath to forget about it all, it wasn't the time to think about those things, maybe Pandora will decide what to do the next day, but by now, the little creature could spend the night with us.

When I returned, Pandora was waiting for me. I knew she already han knowledge of what happened, what I thought and what I said, and by the look on her face, even though she didn't like children, she had the same opinion.

"Seems like we have a little visitor," she said with a smile. "What's your name?"

Teh kid looked at me, not sure of what to do. "It's okay, I promised you we won't hurt you, remember?"

"My name's Wiese Weib,"* said with fear still on their voice. It was even harder to tell if it was  a boy o a girl; by the look in her eyes, Pandora was thinking alike. "I ho-hope not to bother you."

"Hey, you're not a problem, Wiese, it's okay, we know this place is scary," I told them, looking right to their eyes, then I looked at Pandora. "We can spend the night together, I don't want anything to happen." I'm going to have serious problems... how can I know if...?

"Just ask me," said the kid suddendly; when I saw, their cheeks had turned red, though the rest of their face was pale. "But I don't think you're going to like to know."

"What?" I asked confused, while Pandora remained in silence.

"I don't have a gender, I don't feel like a boy or a girl..."

That was new for me. There were stories about people that considered themselves as out of the binary structure, saying to have no gender, but this was the first time I ever met one, and it turned out to be a kid in a dark land.

"That's not a problem," said Pandora. "Jut tell us how to refer to you while speaking."

"By them?" They said still a little nervous.

"Fine, then there's nothing else to say," she finished. "But it will be better for both of us if we leave this part of the forest, it's more dangerous by night. Do you know where's your house, Wiese?"

As before, they didn't know what to say, there was an insecure look on their eyes and looked at the ground, as if searching for the answer. I decided to speak instead. "I think they must be tired, tomorrow morning we can talk about it, don't you think?"

"Oh, fine, it would be fine. Now, we better start moving, there's a clearing near this place, safer."

As usual, she started walking, turning her back to us. I looked at Wiese, and they had a thankful, yet still nervous, look in the eyes. I smiled, saying everything would be fine, althought I wasn't sure what to expect next.

We walked for a couple of minuted in silence, only speaking when Pandora wasn't sure what road was the best one to take, feeling the air colder with every second, until Pandora stopped in an area where the terrain was completely uneven.

"Is anything wrong?" I asked, trying to see anything in the darkness.

"Better to sleep here than anything else, we cannot keep walking in the dark," she said frustrated. "I think I can do something for this so we can sleep..."

There were many trees around covering the zone, shrubs that would hide us and some fruits to eat. Pandora started making more runes in the air, making the shrubs to move and form an almost perfect circle, to make some stones surround the plants and to appear several symbols in these.

Wiese watched eveything in silence, not saying anythin, But squeezed my hand, caught in fear. I thought that maybe they wasn't used to see magic, althought that was almost impossible, considering that we were in a magical land.

"Hey, hey, no need to be afraid," I told them. "She's a good witch and my friend, you can trust both of us."

"People told me no one should make magic," they said in an alost inaudible whisper, "that only those  with dark heart were able to do it."

"That's a lie, she didn't do any harm on us, and we only use it to defend, protect and heal ourselves, there's nothing be afraid of."

Wiese didn't say anyhting, although they was still afraid. I took a deep breath, knowing it won't be an easy nigh, and that as soon as they fell asleep, Pandora and I would need to talk. To have a kid was something, but if that kid could read minds... that was somthing bigger and completely different.

 that was somthing bigger and completely different

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* You may have noted that name. It's pronounced Wee-seh Wise. It means "Meadow White" in German.

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