Chapter 10

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"When I was born I had an elder brother called George. " She was looking down at her hands as she spoke. "He was cruel and he tortured the servents in the castle. No matter what anyone said, my father would always brush it off exclaiming that it was a phase and that he'd grow out of it." She swallowed before continuing on. "When your father came to my family with the idea of a peace treaty, my dad was thrilled and happily signed it, much to George's outrage. He had always dispised wolves, romour after I left said that he rejected his own mate because she was a wolf." She shook her head. "He used to tell me that a wolf's soul purpose was to serve vampires." She paused, tears spilling over in her red eyes. " I've never seen him as furious and hurt as the day he heard of my engagement to your father. He said that I was a traitor to my family and that I would pay. I just thought he said it out of anger. I should've warned you, this is all my fault." She said heartbroken as the tears finally fell.

"We'll find him." I vowed, before standing up and left the room.

'Pack meeting, now!'


When I got to the meeting room, the quartets from all four packs were gathered around the table. Two seats were empty, one was my own, and the other seat was Luke.

"Okay-" I said, standing at my seat at the table. "As you know an hour ago we were attacked. What you don't know is that an hour ago my brother was also taken. The vampire behind the oporation has contacted us. So here's what's going to happen Alpha's on me for interrigation of the vampires, Beta's to the hospital wing to tend to the injured. Dan, get me a lay out of Coven territory and the rest of you training. Male and females over the age of 16 and that have shifted only. Go!" I ordered and the wolves disappeared to their asigned tasks.

The four of us made our way to the prison in the basement of the pack store warehouse.


Vampires are nothing like how they are described in books. By deffinition, a vampire is a human, born with the disfunction of the twenty-second chromosome gene. The disfunction causes the blood change. We are, essentially humans with enhanced capabilities. Because me and Luke are only half-vampires, the only difference it made to us was that our skin took on a granite-like-quality that made it near impossible to kill us.

Normal vampires were unaffected by sunlight and its a little known fact that the national religeon for the vampires was Catholisism, so they were unaffected by churches. Vampires aren't discovered by humans because vampire laws prevent the complete draining - or full consumption of a human. The only thing that can kill a vampire is the bite of a wolf.

Here's the trick, the bite of a wolf can kill a vampire, but the bite of a wolf cannot harm another. So yeah, the only way to kill me was if Luke attacked me. My body would be unable to cope with the poison from both species and I would die.


The vampires had been locked in seperate holding cells and I made my way to the furthest away cell.

Inside was a male vampire. He was an off pale colour and his eyes had darkened with rage and thirst. I signalled for the guard to open the cell.

When it opened, I stepped inside and the gate slid shut behind me.

"What's your name?" I growled. The man smirked but remained silent. I held back my wolf and felt the conciousness of my vampire take over.

"'Bout time." My vampire said as my blonde curpy hair darkened from the roots and my sapphire eyes shifted to blood red.

However, there was one slight problem with this. When I was younger, Luke shifted into his vampire alter-ego. When one of us transformed into our vampire, the other one was also forced to change. The good thing was that if I could shift into her then Luke was alive.

"Now I'll ask again. What's your name?" My voice was cold and hard.

"C-Callum." The man stuttered.

"Well done Callum, now who sent you?" I asked.

"It w-was King G-George.' He said.

I nodded. "Thank you."

The gate to his cell opened and I stepped out. As I headed towards the stairs someone called my name. I spun around and saw a red-headed girl standing up and looking at me feircly." I can give you the information." She said, she never backed down. I nodded.

"Follow me." I told her as the door to her cell swung open and she stepped out.

I led her to the infimary, handing her a blood bag, before heading to the living room. "Please have a seat." I offered and she smiled before sitting on the two seated sofa in front of me. "So I know that you know my name, do I get to know yours?" I asked, raising my eyebrows at her with a small smile.

"My name is Sophia. I am 17 and am the former PA of King George. We were sent here to collect the blonde-haired male who I know is your brother Luke. King George is a cruel man and he sees you and your brother as a threat to his crown. Most of my species have grown tired of him and it will not take much for them to change their allegiance. I am a leader for an secret group of vampire, all of whom work in the castle and are working to make George step down. My part was to get captured and to tell you that exactly a few days from now we will get you into the castle so you can get Luke."

I looked to Shaun. Shaun's "ability" was to know when someone speaks the truth.

"She speaks the truth." Shaun said, before the four boys left us.

"Okay, you shall have a place in my pack. Tell me what you know."

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