Chapter 4

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They were waiting for me as I came out of the bathing chamber. Dirg told me to be armed and ready at all times because they might not like his leniency. They had caught two lightsies allegedly trying to spy on our defenses, and he let them go the next day. Needless to say, the general population was not fond of this decision. A good number of them wanted to torture the pair into revealing lightsy defenses and strengths.

Dirg disagreed and let them go. He predicted rightly that they would take it out on me. I was coming out, and before I rightly knew what was happening, I was pinned arms and neck to a wall. Three men were holding me, glaring at me, and one had a hand clamped over my mouth.

"Sunshine," one purred. "Dirg's pet. We have a problem with your master."

I raised an eyebrow and stuck my tongue out, licking him. He jerked his hand back.

"And you're going to take it out on me?" I guessed.

They looked at each other. "Of course. He's too dangerous, and hurting you is pretty much the same as hurting him. So, pucker up, toy."

Two held me to the wall, while the one started to unzip my shirt and went for my lips. My heart was pounding in fear, but I tried to keep a cool head.

"Wait! Wait just a minute!" I protested before his lips met mine. He kissed me for a moment but pulled back.

"What?" He asked irately.

I spoke quickly, adrenaline pumping through my veins. I would have fought back, but I had a better idea. "I don't like Dirg either. Actually, I want him dead. Let me go, and I can let you into his room tonight while he's asleep."

He ran his hands along my stomach and sides, and I had to suppress my self-defense.

"He's still dangerous. If he wakes, we're all dead."

My mind reeled. How do I make them believe me? "I can knock him out." I offered. He looked doubtful, so I quickly validated myself, "He trusts me. I haven't rebelled in quite some time, so he won't be expecting it. When he turns his back, I can hit him over the head."

He tilted his head, his hazel eyes narrowed. "Why don't you just kill him, then?"

I blushed and looked down. "He's my master. I couldn't... I mean he- I just can't."

He placed his hand on my chest, his pale skin contrasting with my darker skin. I shrunk as much as I could.

"Please." I begged. "Don't hurt me to hurt the man I hate the most. I can help. I will help. You can get revenge on him, directly."

"Let her go." The one in front of me commanded. The other two let go of my arms, but he kept his hand on my chest.

I hated it, but I pressed closer to him, putting my hands around his neck. I got on my tiptoes and gently kissed him.

"Please. Let me help you take down Dirg." I whispered in as seductive a voice as I could manage.

He grinned and we kissed for a minute. He let me go, and I backed up, zipping up my shirt with shaking hands.

"Alright. I like the little toy's plan." He put his hand in his pocket and it came back out with a little vial. He held it out to me. "Put this in his dinner and open the door when he is lethargic. We will take care of the rest. What will you do when you master is gone?"

I took it and started put it in my pocket. He grabbed my hand.

"Not there. He'll suspect that. Put it in your bra."

I shivered and dropped it down my shirt. He nodded.

"I will climb out and go home." I stated.

He laughed and pat my face. "Good luck with that, girl. Now go. Our target can't suspect anything."

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