Okay so I decided to make another book and I hope u guys like it now were i'm starting off is two best friends in high school. The parents of Romeo and Juilet...the next chapter will have Romeo and Juliet and I know that it's short but plz read and also read my other books Stefan and Elena How It Should Have Gone and Book One: The Beggining of the End!  thanx so much! COMMENT.VOTE.FAN!


Sybrina's POV--------------1977

It was the second day since we had gotten Romeo and Juliet and I had finished it last night. I walked out of English and towards the cafeteria. I saw my best friend in the whole world, Amanda, walking towards me. "SYBRINA! Hey I finished Romeo and Juilet last night I couldn't put it down!"  

I shrieked. "I know I know me too! It was amazing wasn't it?" I said grabbing her arm and walking with her to the cafeteria. "Hey so I was crying my eyes out when I found out Juliet wasn't really dead and then he died and then she died!"

"I know me too!" I cried and sat down. "I think we should watch the movie tonight!" "Oh we really should!!" I said and watched as Becca Holmes walked in. Her pregant belly poking out through her shirt. Then the idea popped into my head.

"OH MY GOSH!" I said and Amanda jumped. "I have a wicked crazy idea!" I said. "What?" She asked. "Maybe you know when we get married and have kids...I could name my girl Juilet and you could name your boy Romeo?"

She sat there for a minute. Then her face lit up! "YES YES THAT WOULD BE SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!" She shouted. We both giggled and talked about it till we walked outside. "Okay then we have to do the promise shake no matter what happens even if we aren't firends anymore we have to keep the promise!"

We did the handshake and she grabbed the piece of paper. She tore it in two and wrote Juilet on one and on the other Romeo. I took it and spit on it. I know it's wierd but its what we did. Then she pulled out a lighter and burned the pieces of paper.

 Then we both said te last part together. "I PROMISE!"

 Sybrina's POV-------1993----16 years later

I held my new born baby girl in my arms. She was so perfect sleeping. Tom was right next to me stroking my hair. "I can't believe we got a girl!" He whispered. I smiled and a stray tear rolled down my face. Just then a nurse came in and asked. "What's the name?"

Tom looked at me and I said, "Juilet....Amanda...Castrow" I said. Amanda had moved a long time ago and we hadn't talked in years...but I swore I would keep my promise.


Amanda's POV-------1993---The Same Day

I gasped at his shocking blue eyes. I loved my little guy. Jared was in the chair next to me asleep. I loved my husband and now I had a little boy to add to the picture. I already knew what his name was when the nurse came in moments later and asked.

"Romeo...Eric....Monrow" I said. I had moved away from Sybrina a long time ago and we didn't keep in touch but I swore that I would keep my promise. Besides the name is very handsome.


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