Chapter 9

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Yes! It landed on me! Dimitri and I got up and headed to the bathroom. As soon as we were both in, he closed the door and kissed me. 7 minutes. It wasn't that long but we'd have to make the most of it. Things got really heated, without clothes coming off though, and then, time was up. ARGHH! We sat back down with the rest of the group. I spun the bottle, hoping for it to land on anyone but Adrian.

The bottle stopped spinning. It landed on... oh please, not Adrian! Yes! It JUST stopped on the person next to him. Lissa!

Adrian's POV
Obviously, she was snogging with Belikov during their time. The bottle was slowing down. It's GOING to land on me! Yes, yes, yes, no! It just missed me and landed on Vasilisa. Rose and I could have been snogging together as well. I would be able to steal Rose from craddle-robber with my AMAZING kissing skills. But no, the bottle just land to land on Lissa. We're going to be hearing squeals for seven minutes. They're going to either going to be gossiping, make-over or talking about when Rose and Belikov fell in love. But, they're going to be squealing.

Lissa's POV (LPOV)
OMG. It landed on me. I know that Rose has been dying to do make-overs since FOREVER. We ran to the bathroom and she immediately grabbed all my make-up. "Make-overs!"

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