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You and chris have together for 3years but been on and off for months and when you went in the club you seen chris in the middle of the dance floor with some girl you tried not to look his way, you just stood at the bar drinking by your 6 drink you gained the confidence and walked over to to them and nudged the girl out the way

"oh my bad"you said when you realized you knocked her onto the floor"Y/N WHAT ARE YOU DOING"chris yelled while trying to speak over the music you looked at him and smiled as the girl walked away

"What Are You Doing "he asked again "dancing"you whispered into Chris ear

"I thought you was done?"Chris whispered in your ear as you started to grind on him"I was at first until I realized, I don't want you with no one else"he chuckled " I understand,I don't care if we was not talking for 8 years if I even think you talking to another nigga I might go crazy" you smiled at him

He griped onto your ass before whispering in your ear"I miss you" you bit on your lip as you remembered how much you missed him

"wanna get out of hear"chris asked as he licked and blew on the back of your ear he knew that's your spot

Before you answered, you thought about it for a few seconds

"uh yea"you said and before you new it ,Chris griped your wrist pulling you out the club so fast you could see the dust under your shoes

"slow down"you said while laughing he soon stopped running when yall reached his car, he opened then closed the door for you before jogging to his side

" we need to stop this shit"Chris said as he started up the car"I know one minute we together and the next,I'm going to a hotel"he looked at you like you had 5heads "you was staying in a hotel," you did not say nothing

"We not having that shit,look It don't matter how mad we make each other you not staying at a hotel,if anything you can stay home and I will go to the hotel" he honestly said while holding onto your hand


Chris pulled up in the drive way of the home you guys share, he smilled at you,making you blush

When you got in the house you went upstares in the room to see that it looked the same when you left,you took a hot shower and put on one of Chris's white t-shirts

You walked into the living room to see Chris sitting on the couch in his boxers you smiled when you seen him looking at the picture of y'all that hung on the wall

"I miss that day" you softly spoke as you walked to sit next to him on the couch "yeah,I do to" he said with a sigh as he pulled you ontop of him "we need to go back to the old us" you said while placing your arms around his neck

He kissed you while slapping your ass"I know," you smiled before placing your tongue inside of his mouth

You moved your lips from his,onto his neck while he held a tight grip onto your ass

Your tongue traveled down his body before going back to his mouth

He slowly lifted your shirt up "no bra either" he said making you laugh, you took the shirt off leaving you naked he started to squeeze your breast together "I see cj is happy to see me" you said referring to the fact cj grew into Chris's 3rd leg 

He mumbled a "yea" as his mouth was full of breast ,you leaned your head back and held his head close to you

He sucked on them making your nipples rock hard his hands explored your body until they found there way to your love box

"And I see baby girl is happy to see me" he said with a smile referring to how wet you was

A chuckle left your mouth but it soon turned into a moan when you realized he entered two fingers inside of you "surprise" he said while laughing

His fingers pumped in a "come here" motion as his thumb rubbed around your clut, you bit down on your bottom lip and grinded harder into his fingers

He kissed and sucked onto your neck making his mark, loud moans released from your mouth as he pushed his fingers deeper inside of you

Your juices poured out of you directly onto his fingers "damn its getting hot in here" you said while he pulled his fingers out of you and putting them into his mouth

His tongue explored your mouth as yours did the same ,you pulled away from the kiss and stood up"take them off"you said while pointing to his underwear

He looked at you and laughed"now you in control huh?"he said while standing up and taking them off "I'm always in control you know who the boss is" he laughed at you again "come here" he said while bitting on his bottom lip "you come here"

He walked towards you and picked you up "Chris put me down" you yelled while laughing ,he threw you on the couch "now who is the boss" he asked "me" you said with a smile

"Turn over,now" you did what was told and arched your back as far as you could "now,when I think back I remember me running shit,matter a fact I still do" he said as he grabbed a hand full of your hair

He rammed himself inside of you , making you dig your nails into the couch cushions

His deep and long stroks strongly pounded at your G-spot loud moans and grunts left your mouth as he dug his nails into your waist

"Fuck!" You yelled as he used your hair as a motivation for you to throw it back faster "what's my name" he yelled as the pace speeded up "CHRIS" you yelled while dragging out the "S" in his name "What's my name" he yelled while pulling onto your hair and ramming inside of you faster and harder

"DADDY!" You yelled as your juices dripped out of you ,he continued to pound that G-spot until he started to twitch inside of you before He quickly pulled out of you and busted onto your back and some on the couch

"Time for a new couch " he said while scratching the back of his head, you laughed




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