A Hug

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Sometimes all we need to feel better is a hug. I'm a person who loves to give hugs and receive them. I make sure I hug my parents and little sister at least twice a day. I just love giving people hugs.

If you feel like you need a hug please know that there are so many people in this world, and all of them are capable of hugging another person.

 http://thenicestplaceontheinter.net/  <--- This is a great website for when you are having a bad day or simply just need a hug. Why don't you send in your own hug?

I want to set a challenge, hug 1 different person each day for a week, because people really need a hug sometimes. If you complete the challenge, or if you didn't, please say so in the comments. I will try out this challenge as well, starting right now.

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