A Sunkissed Soul

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Loving you touched my heart and my soul

in ways I cannot describe.

It was all glory and splendor.

I had your heart in all it's grandeur 

in the palm of my hand.

But with one stroke,

You swept it all away and drove me deeper into myself

and left me to drown in all of the memories you gave me.

I knew you didn't love me but I prayed silently as you held me in your arms

that maybe you would learn to.

Now, we are here. 

And all the things that you promised would never happen,

are happening right now.

I have finally found happiness 

and you are suddenly grasping for me.

Reaching, praying,

silently hoping that I will come crawling back to you.

But my once broken soul has completely surrendered you

over to the demons that handed you to me. 

So I suppose this is goodbye, my once "One and Only Love."

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