Chapter 1

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The turtles were out on their evening patrol; they were scouting for any more mutagen canisters they could have missed.

"I just don't know Leo," Donnie spoke up, breaking the silence. "We already found most of the canisters, and only a few are missing. Maybe they're just gone for good, or already in someone else's hands."

Leo turned to him and gave him an 'are you serious' look. "Donnie, it doesn't matter, we still need to find every drop of each mutagen canister. For all we know, there could be mutants out here, and it's all our fault!" He exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air to add emphasis.

Raph rolled his eyes, "I mean come on Leo, we've been searching for mutagen every since we spilled it. That was two years ago!" Raph exclaimed, "this is just plain dumb! To be looking for stuff that we will never find!"

As soon as Raph finished his statement, Donnie's scanner goes off, and flashes like crazy.

Leo turned to Raph, "you were saying?"

"Shut it," Raph retorted.

"Guys, my scanner is picking up a small amount of mutagen, but it's very close." Donnie clarified, "we should move now."

"Then what are you waiting for, Captain Donatello! Lead the way!" Mikey said, in a playful manner.

The three older brothers rolled their eyes and followed the scanner's direction.


Hannah's P.O.V.

I was in a very dark alley way, feeding on my little rat friend. I snuck up on its friends when I drained the other one dry. Once I met my target, I leaped at one and caught it.

I smirked as it squirmed in my arms, "awe, poor little guy." I said sarcastically as my fangs came out. I smiled and bit into the rat, causing it to squeak and squirm.

I got annoyed at the small creature, so I grabbed its head, and snapped its neck. I sighed in pleasure as there was nothing more to interrupt me in my time of feeding.

Once I drained that rat, too, I scanned the dark alley way with my amazing vision, and saw a bluish green haze from under a little bit of garbage. I titled my head as my eyes turned back to brown.

I walked toward it, and I was about to remove the rubbish from the substance, but I stopped when I heard voices. Not very far, and they were coming my way.

I morphed into my bat form, and stayed hanging upsidedown from the fire escape. I was going to be there until the voices passed, but they just got closer.

I opened my eyes and faced toward the direction of the rooftops.

I listened as they spoke.

"Come on guys, we need to find that canister of mutagen. Donnie already said that the canister has a small amount of mutagen, so that means that-"

The voice was interrupted by a different voice, "yeah, we already know fearless! Someone out here is a mutant."

They appeared on the rooftop, where I could see them just fine, and they were, t-turtles? Are they mutants too?

I felt my eyes change color and my vision advanced as I could smell delicious blood. It was one I have never eaten before and it defiantly wasn't human blood.

"And that it's all our fault that we spilled the mutagen all over New York City! Blah blah blah, I get tired of the same lecture. Switch it up a bit!" The turtle with the orange mask said.

Wait! Did he just say, that he spilled that stuff in the night sky, two years ago?

My eyes remained red, as they jumped down into the alley way, looking around. I eyed their every move as they searched the area.

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