Chapter 5 Apology And Forgiveness

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Now darkness was now around forrests and everyone was not happy. They knew that they have not listen to Slenderman. People started going to his forrest to apologize. But like always he wouldin't forgive them and sometimes he kills them. Sometimes people write notes on the trees, but he wouldint accept it. He also sometimes write notes on trees, but that doesn't change anyting. Now everyone was guilty and everyone knew that there was nothing they can do to stop him. When year's started passing he thought about it and said to himself that he should give them one more chance. He started to think a better place to go for his forgiveness and he could only think of one location that he didn't caused any harm... Japan, He teleported to that location (he got the teleportation and invinsibility powers when he got the powers to clone himself into billions of him). When he got to Japan he turned himself invincible to sneak in the Japan's governer's office. The govener of Japan was alone in his office. He then came face to face with the govener. The govener wanted to jump out the window. But Slenderman stoped him, he started convincing him that he was now good and he have learned what distruction he caused and that he would never do it again. The govener thought about it... and made a decition: That everyone would forgive him. He then shook the goveners hand and made a deal. But right when Slenderman let go of the govener's hand a mystirious man out of no where through some ninja stars to the govener. 2 to his eyes, 1 to his chest and 1 through his throat. Causing the govener to die instally. Slenderman was now mad and I mean MAD. What did he do? He turned into 50 feet high and tortured the man who killed the govener. Slenderman kept torturing the man in hell for a long time untill the mad was dead. Then in an instant Slenderman misteriously dissapered.

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