Chapter 3

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Dirg's POV

I was trying not to fall in love with my pet, but several factors kept pushing me towards that end. First of all, she was breathtakingly gorgeous. Her hair looked like spun gold and contrasted sweetly with her light brown skin. Her face was flawless, and her brown eyes seemed to sparkle, even without light. Secondly, her fiery spirit was attractive. Even after she became loyal, she still tried to insert her opinion. Most of the time, I already knew how she felt, but her assertions were cute nonetheless. Thirdly, she was sweet. She blushed when I took my shirt off. She smiled at me, genuinely. She never tried to manipulate me. Lastly, I kept hurting her. I had to give her consequences, but every time she winced or a tear slid down her cheek, I inwardly crumpled to pieces.

Luckily, she never asked me to stop. If she had, I probably would stop. I would have melted if she started to beg, but she never did. The way her face lit up when I gave her a bit of light made my whole week. I never let her know. I never let her understand how deep my feelings really were for her. I was afraid that if she knew I loved her, she would become like the others and use it against me. I was sick of being used.

She was really my Sunshine. Before her, I had no happiness. With her, my life was easier, lighter. I hadn't realized that was the perfect name when I had claimed it, but it fit her like a key fits a lock.

At first, trusting her and bringing her with me everywhere was difficult. I found myself distracted by her. What did she think about how I handled myself with other darkies? Did she see me as a hypocrite? Did seeing my work help her understand me?

Eventually, I got to where I could ignore her constant presence behind me. My subjects never did. They smirked at her. They messed with her when they thought I wasn't looking. They called her the prince's pet toy but never to my face. They didn't dare, for they knew I could light them up and make their lives miserable. I knew how wrong having a girl in my room looked, but I was doing nothing against my family's rules. No matter what I felt for her, I would not corrupt my line. Even if it meant ripping my heart out, I would see my children grow black wings.

I knew word would eventually get to my family. I knew they would not trust me, but I didn't expect intervention on the scale it came.

I was asleep on my bed. Sunshine was most likely lightly snoring on her mat. The door burst open, and before I was fully awake, someone jumped on me.

"Hello, little brother!" My sister exclaimed, her straight hair brushing my face. "We're here to fix you! You're welcome!"

I nearly jumped out of my skin. "Fon! Get off of me! What are you doing?"

She giggled. "Taking your toy. Don't worry, you'll thank me later."


I pushed her off of me and sat up. Tain, my oldest sibling, was holding Sunshine by the neck.

"I can see why you like her, bro, but we can't let you corrupt our line."

He was squeezing her throat. I stood threateningly. "I've not corrupted it! Let her go before she hurts you."

He looked confused. "How is she gonna-"

I watched in amusement as she kicked him in the groin and took advantage of his pain to put distance between the two of them. She rolled to the ground and came up with her sword in hand, ready to defend herself.

"This isn't funny, Dirg!" Tain ranted. "Tell her to stand down!"

"And let you take her? I don't think so! She's my pet, not my toy. I have not and will not corrupt our line, so get out of my room, the both of you!"

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