Chapter Twenty Six

(SPG: utang na loob. detalyado to. walang mag rereact ng kung anu anu. ako na nagsasabi sa inyo. first time to. walang violent reaction. pektos sa lungs.)

"you were my greatest dream Love." Lance whispered softly. i smiled and snuggled in his neck. its almost 5 in the morning and we're still here in the hammock

"I miss you so much Love." he lifts my face and kissed my lips. i wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

he kissed me like theres no tomorrow and i answered it with the same intensity.

he moved on top of me and we both fell on the sand.

and bursted out laughing.

i softly kissed his neck and hugged him.

"Make love to me Love." i whispered.

he looked at me and whispered.

"are you sure?" he asked softly. i nodded and hugged him.

"right here?"

"yes Love. right here." i kissed his lips. he hugged my waist and put himself between my legs.

he trailed kisses down to my neck. i hugged him. he started removing my dress and cupped my left breast. he unsnapped my bra and kissed my right breast. he softly kissed it and bit the tip of it. i wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled him closer till his shaft is touching my inner core.

i removed his shirt and pulled him up. i kissed his lips. he trailed kisses from my neck. in between my breast. down to my belly button. he licked it in a circular manner. the sensation is too great and i want more.

he continued trailling kisses and reached the garter of my undies. he bit it and started pulling it down and removed it. i am completely naked. he went between my legs and started kissing and licking it. the sensation is too powerful. i gripped his hair. he started carressing my legs while licking my clit.

"dont.. stop.." my voice more like pleading than stopping him..

and there i cant stop it anymore. i pulled his hair and released my juice. he started licking every drop of it and went on top of me.

"i cant take it anymore Love. i cant go slow." he whispered and bit my ears.

"then hurry." he positioned himself between me and slowly entered my womanhood. he moved faster aboved me and i wrapped my legs around his waist. he keeps going faster till we both reached the climax. i felt his juices poured inside me before he collapsed above me. he was breathing hard. he is still inside me and he buried his face in my neck and kissed it softly.

"i love you Love." he whispered and fell asleep in the sand above me and inside me.


"Goodmorning Love." Lance have this happy smile on his face and kissed my lips.

"panu ko nakarating dito?" i asked softly. nasa kwarto na kasi kami.

"i carried you?" he said playfully. sabi ko nga binuhat nya ko eh.

"C'mon Love. fix yourself. may emergency sa office. we'll comeback again. i just cant leave you here." he said apologetically. i smiled and nodded. lumabas na sya ng kwarto. i took a long summer dress and took a bath. paglabas ko wala na yung gamit namin. i dried my hair and tied it in a bun manner.

Lance is already waiting downstairs. he kissed my cheeks before guiding me back to our car.


"Get some sleep okay? i'll be back before you wake up." Lance said softly and tucked me in the bed. i smiled and nodded. he kissed my cheeks and left. and me?

i slept.

when i woke up. its 7pm already. wala pa ata si Lance eh. bumangon ako and checked if he arrived. di pa rin. kinuha ko yung susi ng convertible ko saka nagdrive papunta sa starbucks na malapit. i parked my car and went inside.

i was waiting for my order when Alexis sat infront of me.

"Hi Girl." she smiled at me and kissed my cheeks.

"Hey. anung ginagawa mo dito?" i asked smilling.

"killing time? i'm bored to death and i need to relax." she said softly. Always Alexis. speaking softly and calmly.

"Mukhang haggard ka na sa office. you look bushed!" i said laughing. she smiled and did not said anything. she order for a blueberry cheesecake and coffee jelly. i had strawberries and cream.

"hows managing the company? why didn't you tell me you were in harvard for two years?" i asked seriously. i just found out that she did not finish her masteral here in SDU and enrolled as freshman two years ago in Harvard.

"how did you know?" she asked. she looked surprised.

"Anton." i replied. ngumiti nalang sya.

"I was busy and you were too. i cant find time to visit you. after graduation. Dad ordered me to come back and to assume my place in the company. sorry Girl." she said apologetically.

"Yeah. dalawa daw kayong president ah? according to Anton." i said and took a sip of my frap.

"no. i'm not a president. i just need to close a deal. after that. i'm flying right away back to Italy." now thats strange.

"Why? i thought dito ka nakatira?" she smiled tenderly at me.

"wala naman akong business dito eh. Italy needs me more. and my life is there. not here. i just came back a month before you did." She said softly. she's one of my bestfriend. i know her like an open book.

"Something drove you away Alex. spill it. i may not be around for five years but i know you. you wont leave without a valid reason." i said seriously. she smiled at me.

"I need to go Girl. i'll chat with you next time. ingat." she kissed my cheeks and left.

now thats weirder.

15 mins since Alexis left when my iphone rang.

Lance Calling.....

"Hello?" i answered.

"Love, where are you?" he asked.

"Starbucks. just outside the village." i replied.

"antayin mo ko jan."

"No. jan ka nalang pauwi na ko. wait for me allright?" i stopped him.

"But Love-"

"Love ko, i'm on my way home. antayin mo nalang ako ha?" i heard him sighed

"Alright. mag ingat ka ha?" he said in resignation.

"Alright. i love you."

"I love you too."



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