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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 37 ~ Wounds

"It's just a scratch," Walter said, but I could see the pain in his eyes.

"It's not just a scratch Walter!" I yelled. Now I could see his blood running down from the top of his arm, getting everywhere. He had a cut just below his shoulder.

"We need to get it to stop," I said my breathing speeding up.

I hurried to the kitchen, looking for the medical bag. Instead I saw that the chairs and table had been pushed aside and Landon was now lying on the floor, stripped to the waist and on top of a plastic sheet which was pooling up with his blood. He was bleeding profusely out of his side and Phoenix was struggling to keep him calm.

Walter had stripped out of his shirt and was using it to put pressure on his wound. Washing water over it, I saw that it was a cut. It was long and a bit deep, but thank goodness it wasn't a stab wound.

Landon on the other hand wasn't so lucky and was moaning, his face twisted in pain. Phoenix's hands were slick with blood and he was struggling to thread a needle. He was going to stitch Landon up himself!

"Drink some more," Phoenix grunted at him pushing a bottle of alcohol nearer to Landon.

Landon clasped the bottle shakily and took a gulp of it, grimacing. Walter slumped into a chair, gripping his bleeding arm.

"Phoenix...." Landon groaned weakly clutching his brother's arm smearing more blood on him.

"I'm being as fast as I can," Phoenix muttered pouring some of the alcohol over the stab wound and making Landon cry out.

"Here, let me thread the needle while you stop the blood," I said getting down on my knees beside him. Landon was pale and I didn't want him getting any paler.

Phoenix gave me the needle and thread without a word, and gathered some cloth to press hard against Landon's side. The blood was receding, but Landon was still in a hazy pain. He was choking for breath and gritting his teeth.

I had no time to agrue with Phoenix to take him to hospital because then things would get worse.

"What do I do?" I asked Phoenix after I had threaded the red sticky needle and thread with my stained hands.

"Press that down and give it to me," he said scratching his stubble in distress.

I put my hands down on the already soaked cloth against Landon's side and Phoenix took the threaded needle.

"Coral hold it harder," Walter said. He sounded worried and still sitting on the chair holding his bleeding arm. I had forgotten he was even there.

I really didn't want to hurt Landon, but I pressed harder making him groan again.

Phoenix pushed the cloth away and started stiching him up, making me look away. Landon was concussions for all of this, he could feel the needle and the tread. ...oh god.

"It's a clean cut Landon, no bones, no organs. Just flesh," Phoenix said calmly as he sewed his brother up quickly. I could see that he had done this before.

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