Chapter Five» A Tale Of Deceit

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The atmosphere in the room seemed to thicken; by the passing minute. Large dark grey eyes stared at me; the anger swirling deep inside them. I could feel my heart beat wildly making me inch back. Not having the strength to glance at him any longer.

Each second felt like a minute and each minute felt an hour as he spoke. His hoarse voice echoing loudly throughout the room. Making me tense.

"Who were you talking to... Wife?" he seethed. His face inches away from mine making me stiffen. All thoughts leaving my mind as I glanced away from him. Feeling light headed.

I could feel my throat tightening as he raised his hand and dropped the phone on my lap. His large form standing up all the whilst his gaze was glued on me. Anger lacing through it. The loud thudding of my heart made my ears numb as he glared at me. His eyes never leaving mine.

" Naina I.. " spoke a loud voice from the door making me snap from the stare off. My eyes slowly darted towards Husaina who was now standing at the door.  Her eyes glued on her brothers in confusion. I could sense her sudden curiosity as she slowly stepped inside the room cautiously. Her eyes glancing between mine and her brothers.

" Omar what are you doing here? I thought you were with the men?" She asked. Her voice soft yet authoritative. The strong smell of her perfume whiffed throughout the room;  her eyes trained on her brothers, never moving.

I could see the man before me clench  his jaw. His eyes glaring dąggers at his sisters. Raging filling through them.
  " Don't speak to me in that tone Husaina" he muttered lowly making the young woman flinch back. Her eyes widening. Shock plastered through it.

I could see him glance at me slightly; his dark eyes assertive before he took long strides towards the door slamming it shut. Husaina who was shocked at her brothers sudden outburst looked at me. Her once filled hands now resting easily against her hips as she glanced between me. Assessing everything.

" He didn't? Did he.. Do something?" She whispered worriedly; standing beside me all the whilst her  large golden grey eyes swirling with worry.

The beating of my heart hadn't died down as I shook my head. Taking a deep breath, I smiled softly at her. Hoping my voice doesn't betray me.

" No he.. He didn't I was just feeling tad emotional" I spoke smiling at her seeing a wave of relief wash over her face before she smiled at me.

" I hope you're telling the truth Naina" she muttered slightly unsure at my response making me chuckle lightly nodding my head. Ignoring the burning feeling at the back of my throat.

" I am.. Was there something you wanted to tell me?" I spoke lightly seeing her press her temples. A soft sigh escaping her lips before she nodded. " Yes Mum was asking are you hungry? They are serving  food" Husaina spoke as I nodded shyly seeing a huge grin on her face.

" Fantastic I'll let her know" she whispered lightly walking towards the door. Her large golden eyes still unsure at my words yet she didn't say much.

Taking a deep breath I looked  at the mirror in front of me; seeing my large Hazel eyes puffy and my cheeks tainted with red. Who would have thought. On the second my of marriage I would be regretting my decision. But it's too late now.

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