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Wake up, wizard, I heard someone say in my ear and I opened my eyes to see no other than Trichloris standing in front of me, smiling.

"You", I said although it came out as a whimper and I wasn't sure if he caught what I said.

"Yes me", he replied with that definitely annoying smile of his, "I hope you're comfortable".

"You tied me to the ceiling so no, I'm not comfortable and if you have an inch of humanity in you, you'd see that", I replied, trying to shake myself free of the cuffs but no such luck, that creep had locked me tight with the cuffs and left me standing- Not a good position to be in especially after almost dying from a lightening attack, I tell you. I know you're wondering why I couldn't just magic my way out of the cuffs and I don't know how too but he somehow made my magic to stop working.

"Here, I brought you a glass of water", he said as he lifted a glass cup half-filled with water to my mouth.

"That's very nice of you but I'd rather die of thirst", I replied, not bothering to hide the spite from my voice- Whatever his plan is, it won't work on me.

"I didn't put anything in it, I swear", he said, drinking a little of it but I only scoffed in response- Who does that fool think he's fooling?

"Suit yourself", he said, leaving the cup to hover in midair. Truth is, I was really thirsty so I willed the cup to myself when he wasn't looking but as expected, I couldn't even make it move an inch- Seriously, what did he do to me?

He started to walk around me before stopping all of a sudden and asking, "Why do you always think I have an hidden agenda whenever I try to be nice to you?"

"Because you always do", I replied casually and accompanied it with a scornful laugh.

He took two steps backwards as if I had physically hurt him and that was the point anyway. "But I only want to be nice to you, like now", he said and I saw him conjure a balm out of thin air and begin to apply to my injury.

"Which part of this 'I care about you' bit do you think I'll fall for?", I asked with a scowl, "Because you're sorely mistaken if you think it's working".

"Try not to talk too much or you'll stress out the healing spell", he said, completely ignoring what I just said before taking his leave, "Believe me or not but I do want you alive, Troy, you're more useful that way". Then, he finally took his leave but what he said didn't leave with him- What the hell did he mean by all that?

I felt someone touch me and I woke up with a jolt but before I could get a word out, my mouth was already covered.

"Don't make a sound", the person said.

"Victoria", I whispered as my vision became focused and I saw her trying to get me out of my cuffs, "How did you know where I am?"

"Francesca placed a tracking spell on you. You don't think she'd just send you out without a way to get you back, do you?", she said before casting an unlocking spell on the cuffs and the latter creaked open, "Now, let's go".

"What about the others?", I asked as we sneaked down the corridor.

"They're getting the key", she replied, "They'll meet up with us outside the school walls".

I stopped at what she said. "We can't leave them here", I said, a little more forcefully than I intended.

"We have to", she said with a force of her own, "That's what Francesca wants us to do".

"Since when do you do what she asked?"

"Since it tallied with what I want", she replied and attempted to pull me along but I held my grounds and she ended up being pulled to me instead.

"I can't leave them here, Victoria, it's not who I am", I said in my matter of fact tone, "You asked me in my first year what kind of wizard I want to be and this is it, it's your choice to be with me or not. I promise I won't let it affect our relationship".

She placed her hands on her forehead like she's really struggling with the decision but after so much contemplation, she said, "I'm in but the thing is, I'm scared".

I know we're in a big dilemma but I couldn't help the wave of laughter that burst through me, Victoria Elmonton the powerful being scared is something to laugh at, believe me. "Don't worry Vic, I'll be with you every step of the way", I said.

"I'm not scared for myself, silly", she said as she slapped me in the chest, "I'm scared for you. Trichloris still wants revenge, remember".

"He won't hurt me", I said and somehow, I think I must be crazy to even consider taking that epitome of evil at his word, "But I can't say the same for the others and that's why we need to help them".

"Alright", she said, now fully convinced, "Actually, I took the opportunity to get you something". She pulled out Breather, my emerald sword, and I couldn't help but squeal in delight- Those girls must have really rubbed off on me.

"Now, let's go help the others", I said and we got a move on. Trichloris better watch out 'cause the defenders are coming, and Abigail too, of course. This is so on.

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