Facts About Oliver Posadas :)

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*Oliver Lance Facts

- height is 5'6

- he have a blurry eyes that's why he always wear a contact lens

- he like a small shirt so that it will be fitted

- he go to church with Owy but sometimes Cav invite him

- his course is Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM)

- White Kitkat is his favorite chocolate

- he have 6 ex girlfriend

- Good at cooking -

he like to wave his hand to his fans

- he is not Kill Joy (KJ)

- He knows how to drive

- Ikaw lamang, Baby Blue Eyes, Your song is his favorite songs

- his face color is pinkish white

- he looks like a doll when you him in personal -

when they are not yet famous, posadas brothers is always in hypermarket

- he loves to study that's why he didn't attend in their practice and TV guestings

- Oliver said "Hindi kinikilig ang mga lalaki, Flattered lang"  

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