14 || Saint or Sinner?

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Neither Khushali nor Mayera knew how these two weeks got over and now they were just one day away from the grand 'English Literature Festival 2015'. It was like as if in a blink of an eye these two weeks passed and all the arragements were completed. And all that left was the main event, which would start precisely tomorrow afternoon, and both Mayera and Khushali prayed that everything go smoothly the next day and their hard work pay of well.

"I'm really tired now Khush and I know I won't be able to sleep tonight with all the tension for tomorrow. You know, no matter how much efforts I put in a event and how much perfect I make it, I still get jitters before the final event," Mayera said exhaustively as she settled in a chair beside Khushali in the conference room.

She had been working without rest from last one week and was really exhausted now.

Khushali passed her a warm smile and squeezing her hand, encouragingly said, "Don't worry Mayera everything will be fine. You and your team have done a splendid job and I'm sure everyone will be impressed with your work. You've done a really commendable work. Now just go home and relax! You need to look fresh tomorrow or else people would say the event is so cool but the event manager is just so dull!"

Mayera slightly laughed and shaking her head, said, "I agree with you. And you too should take rest. It's not just me who's been working continously. You too have been working for so long and haven't even relaxed much. And anyway it's already 8, and I've checked all the arrangements. So I think we should go home now."

"Yeah we should," Khushali agreeingly said.

Mayera picked up her laptop bag and handbag, checking around for any left belonging, asked Khushali, "How'll you go home? I mean it's eight, you shouldn't be going home alone."

Khushali giggled seeing Mayera act like a mother, again. Sometimes she wondered how could Mayera be so much responsible and caring than her when they were of the same age. For Mayera even though she and Khushali were friends for just mere 2-3 months, Khushali was always this careless kid, she constantly need to look after and Khushali didn't mind it.

Mayera glared at Khushali and asked, "What? Now what's so funny?"

Khushali giggled again seeing her irritation and teasingly said, "Nothing mom!"

Mayera rolled her eyes and chuckled along with Khushali, who was laughing like a little girl with her hands covering her mouth. Mayera kept her stuff down and lightly slapped Khushali's arm and said, "Acha now I'm a mother? Great haan Khush!"

Khushali laughed harder and her eyes watered because of so much laughing. But she didn't notice that Mayera's laugh had already faded and now only a weak smile was lingering on her lips, clearly stated her inner turmoil which Khushali didn't know a thing about. She felt her heart broke again knowing well she was mercilessly going to wipe that smile, that happiness from Khushali's life and she had no other choice!

As Khushali didn't stop laughing even after ten minutes, Mayera kept her hand Khushali's shoulder, and in a strange tone, said, "Khushali stop laughing please, it's not good to laugh so much because that jinx our own happiness. Too much laughter is rather scary because we don't know if it'll stay persistent tomorrow or will be replaced with grief and pain."

Khushali stopped laughing at once as she realized Mayera was absolutely right. And suddenly a sad feeling seemed to engulf her heart and she felt this heaviness, the same feeling she felt when she realized after Sagar's death that he wasn't with her and would never come back to her.

She unknowingly felt sad and looked down. She didn't know why she was being haunted by her worst memories again, when they had stopped shattering her soul long time back. Then why today? Maybe because Mayera's words reminded her of that time when she and Sagar laughed so hard before his death, after which she was completely robbed of her happiness, without any reason to smile, let alone laugh. Or maybe it was because of more fear of life that had made her so silent and lifeless.

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