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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 2: An Uchiha is Born [Naruto]

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I walked slowly around the compound bored out of my mind. Itachi was on a mission and Sasuke was still sleeping. It wasn't too early, sometime around seven I think but I couldn't sleep.

"It's a little early to be out little girl, don't you think?" I looked up from the ground finally realizing that I had walked out of the safety of the compound and into the surrounding forest. I felt the panic rise in me as I stopped walking trying to find the source.

"Who's there?" I called out. Only the wind responded, but I knew I heard a voice. I wasn't crazy, I knew that. I sighed shaking my head turning to leave only to slam into a wall of flesh. I would have fallen to the ground but a hand clasped around my arm.

"So sorry little one" I looked up at the man before me, his gloved hand held my arm tightly. His eyes hidden by a mask but they still seemed to see right through me.

"Who are you?" He chuckled as he looked down at me.

"Its common courtesy to give your name first little one" I was skeptical at first as I examined him; his cloak was black but covered in red clouds. He wore no headband or if he did it was hidden by his mask.

"My name is Rin, of the Uchiha clan" He nodded slightly and I could imagine a dark smirk appearing on his face.

“Rin Uchiha the little Princess of the Uchiha clan hm?" I nodded.

"Now who are you?" He chuckled again.

"That is not important Rin” I shuddered at how he spoke my name. It was like there was a want behind it, a need.

"Tell me child do you have the Sharingan?" I looked at him trying to read him and shook my head slowly.

"No, not yet" I spoke softly. He nodded thoughtfully.

"Not yet" He echoed. I tried to pull my arm from his grasp but his grip suddenly strengthened.

"Now, now don't be so hasty little Princess. I'd like to have a little word with you" I shook my head the panic in me starting to rise again.

"I-I have to go back, my father…"

"Won't realize you’re gone" I looked up at him and noticed a familiar red glint in his eyes.

“Rin close your eyes!"


I grabbed Rin from his grasp, my hand covering her eyes as I held her close praying that I had gotten to her on time. That he hadn't taken her already.

"Itachi?" She breathed and I let out a sigh of relief as I activated my Sharingan. She was okay.

"Keep your eyes closed until I tell you otherwise" I whispered into her ear. She nodded as I pushed her behind me and her hands clasped my pant leg tightly. I finally met the eyes of the stranger and already noticed his curiosity.

"Itachi Uchiha so protective" He mocked. I glared at him as placed a hand on Rin.

"What do you want?" I hissed and he chuckled.

"I want that little child you stand before so protectively"

"What is Rin to you!?"

"She is potential, greatness, a prodigy if she was only given the chance; with me she'll be given that chance"

"You're riding on the assumption that she will obtain the Sharingan" He chuckled again, a little darker.

"I have my ways Itachi and she will be mine. Even if I am not the one to take her. Consider her marked." He disappeared a second later and I sighed pushing back my hair.

"Itachi?" I looked down at Rin who had hid her face in my leg.

"He's gone, you can open your eyes now" She opened her dark eyes and looked up at me; I immediately caught the fear in her eyes and sighed. I lifted her into my arms and pushed back her bangs.

"What are you doing out here so early and alone?"

"I couldn't sleep and I was just wandering, I swear I didn't come out here on purpose Itachi, I swear!" I smiled slightly and nodded pressing my forehead against hers.

"I believe you Rin, you just have to be careful, and you’re desired by many people and not all of them are good" She nodded slightly and I kissed her forehead.

"Just don't be alone, and in my spare time I'll train you okay?" She grinned then and nodded.

"Okay!" Normally I would wait till she started in the academy, but like he said she was marked and she needed to know how to defend herself and I knew father wasn't going to teach her, so I was her only hope. I promised her I would always be there and I managed just now to keep that promise but what would happen if I wasn't around? That's what I had to prepare her for.

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