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Part 4: Everybody Needs A “Me Time”

Sarah sighed, pouted her lips and made a puppy face towards her friends.

“No Sars… Wag mo kaming daanin sa ganyan…” Mark said laughingly to their friend.

“Sige na please?” Sarah begged further. She needs to make them say yes. It is very rare that she would ask favors from them and tonight is an exemption. She needed this, she decided. She needed time (and the right place) to think things over.

They were having their usual bonding whenever they find time. Right now, they are having their dinner at Eric’s place. They decided to have their dinner in the garden since the air wasn’t that humid. They are seated (in circle) in the corner of Eric’s garden, facing a small fountain and the door to the kitchen at their back.

“Eh bakit naman kasi agad agad? We can schedule a common day for everyone or when most of us are available then we can go out of town like you want to. But not this weekend. We’re all booked for the weekend. May kanya kanya shows and lakad na lahat.” Eric said as he sipped from his glass of juice.

“Yeah, saka S, if we can’t be with you, who would go with you? You know hindi papaya sina Tito and Tita if they find out that you would be alone in a place outside the Metro.” Shin said as she comes out of the back door of Eric’s kitchen. She volunteered to get the mixed fruits from Eric’s fridge for their dessert.

“I just feel like I need to unwind. And next week ako naman ang busy dahil tuloy tuloy na  ulit ang shooting naming for the movie. Gusto ko lang ng tahimik na lugar where I could relax and think for a day or two.” Sarah said, pouting further. She has thought this over in the last few days and thought that she needs this – really need this. A lot of things have happened over the last few months – the so called failure of her “new love life, her beloved show that ended a couple of weeks ago, the on-going hectic shooting schedules of her 3rd movie with John Lloyd, meetings here and there for her upcoming major projects (The Voice and Sarah G. Presents), pictorials, and a lot of other things. They were given a very short break by Direk Cathy (a much needed break/rest) and then they would resume shooting the last few parts of the movie. As per the schedules that were shown to her by her Road Manager, Ms. Chai, they are set to shoot almost every day. She wants to take advantage of that short break, so she thought of going out of town and into a secluded place. Unfortunately, her friends are busy as well. Learning that it’s not possible for them to go out for that week, she thought of pushing through with her plan. But she needs her friends help. She doesn’t want to cause any issue with her parents, with her wanting to go even if she’s alone. She knows that her parents would allow her to go with her friends. But alone? She’s expecting to hear a solid “No”.

“They wouldn’t know that I’ll be alone, as long as no one would tell them,” Sarah sighed, “hay, ayoko naman magsinungaling din. Di ko lang alam pano magpapaalam and how to persuade them din para pumayag sila.”

“Alam mo Sars, free naman ang schedule ko this weekend. Yun nga lang, I don’t think papayagan tayo ng mga parent natin na tayong dalawa lang at walang ibang kasama.” Yeng said. They all know what Sarah’s feeling as of the moment, and wanted to help in cheering her up. They noticed that after all the mêlée, plus her hectic schedule, are taking quite a toll on her.

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