Secrets can't be secrets forever

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[Your pov]

I look at Tamaki with big eyes. I am the what now??? I stare at him for a while trying to process what he said. Hikaru and Kaoru bursts out laughing because of my reaction.

"I'm serious!" Tamaki yells at them.

They just keep on laughing. I turn towards Haruhi who's just facepalming. She then looks up at me and shakes her head.

"Tamaki-senpai... I don't think (Boy name)'s comfortable with being the seductive one" She says.
"B-but he's perfect for that!" He whines.

I roll my eyes and watch them argue. I look over at Kyoya who's smirking and writing soemthing down in his 'death note'. I wonder what he wrote down... Suddenly I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around only to be faced by a pink fluffy bunny. I shriek and fall on my butt. Ouch, that's gonna hurt... I stand up and brush of my pants. I look at the bunny again and see Honey looking at me with a worried expression.

"Are you okay (Boy name)-chan?" He asks in his adorable voice.
"I'm okay, thank you for asking" I say and smile.
"I'm sorry for scaring you... I was just wondering if you'd like to hold Usa-chan?" He says.

I look at the pink fluffy bunny and smile. He handles me the bunny and sprints away over to a big table with sweets. The bunny feels soft against my finger tips. I stroke it and then give it a small hug. I then hear a 'awww! He's so cute~' It's probably coming from Tamaki... Me and Haruhi stay for a while until it's time to go. I follow her and the twins to our classroom. I can feel everybody's stares as we walk. Haruhi grabs my hand as we enter the classroom. We walk over to her desk and she sits down with Kaoru and Hikaru on each side.

The doors to the classroom swings open and other students rushes inside with the teacher right after them. The teacher mentions us to sit and everybody obey's except for me. She looks at me with a blank expression and points to a chair infront of Haruhi. I nod and walk over to it. I sit down and look down at the desk feeling a bit embaressed. Why? I don't really know.

"Okay class, as you can see we're having a new student today, Mr Fujioka, would you like to introduce you to the rest of the class?" She asks while writing something on the black board.

"Sure thing~ So I'm Haruhi's younger brother, My name is (Boy name), I work at the host club, I'm 14 and a half years, I love playing the guitar and dance" I say and scratch my neck.

"He's sooo cute~" I hear a girl whisper.

"Thank you ma' lady" I say and turn towards the brunette.

"I would appreciate id you'd stop flirting and start studying Mr Fujioka" The teacher says sternly.

"I'm sorry mrs Katuzi! Can you please forgive me" I say and look down at my desk in 'shame'.

"I-it's okay (Boy name)" She says shocked with a light shade of pink across her cheeks.

I look up at her and she gives me a small smile while shaking her head turning towards the black board again. I turn my head to Haruhi who's chuckling. I give her a bright smile while giving her a thumbs up.

~Time skip to after school brought to you by Usa-chan~

This day has gone well. I made a bunch of new friends, I played some guitar and I've been hanging around with Kaoru and Hikaru then and then.

"Let's head to the music room!" The twins says and grabs mine and Haruhi's arms.

They drag us thru the corridors to the music room. Hikaru chuckle's and glance's over at me. When we open the doors is the room crowded with girls in yellow dresses. Wow this place looks alot different than this morning. There are trees and other small plants inside and it looks like a tropical paradise. I scan the room for the other hosts and see them sitting with their costumers in only swim trunks. I'm not wearing that! I look over at the twins who's smirking at me and Haruhi. They drag us over to a changing room and handle's us some clothes. I glance over at Haruhi's and see that they have given her a pair of shorts and a men's tanktop. I look down and see a pair of (F/C) swim trunks. I look over at Haruhi giving her a freaked out expression.

"I CAN'T WEAR THIS!" I whisper/yell freaking out.

"I know! Here take this, I can't wear this anyway" She says handling me the men's tanktop and the shorts.

"Thank you, I don't know what I would've done without you" I say while taking off the uniform so I'm just in pants and bra + bandages.

"Are you do-" Hikaru opens the curtains and sees me in just my 'underwear'.

Haruhi stands in my way in protection to cover up my body. I put on the coat and fix my buttons. Kaoru and Hikaru turns around and sprints over to Tamaki. He takes a sip out of his tea and smiles at them. The twins whispers something in his ear and he drops the cup. Everybody stays frozen. Tamaki excuses himself and rushes over to me and Haruhi with a nervous smile.

"(Boy name)~ Is it true what the twins said?" He asks.

"Y-yes my king! I'm so sorry for not telling you before! I didn't mean to hurt the club! Please forgive me" I say pleading.

His expression changes into a warm smile. I look down at the floor in shame and embaressment. He walks up to me and puts his hand on my shoulder. I look up at him in shock. He's not mad? He then leaves us clueless to talk to his customers. I look at the twins with a blush and then walk out of the changing room. Hikaru and Kaoru's still blushing as well. Well I guess I don't have to lie for them now..

"I should've told you earlier..." I say.


2nd chapter guys! Thank you for reading this book! I hope you like it so far✨And I wish you the best of luck in your lifes! Buh-bye~

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