Dream Seeker- Chapter One

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Upon waking 0n the cushioned couch, Gael turned to Dr.Murray.

She saw her face reflecting off his dark sunglasses.

"Do you remember anything?"


"What is the last thing you remember?"

"I remember you counted down to one, and I fell into a river. I was drowning."

"Were you aware of your surroundings?"

"No. I thought I was dead...or dying." She sat upright. The walls of the stuffy office were covered in plaques and certificates.

Dr.Murray raised his head. "Did you find him, Miss Wilson?"

She frowned. "I felt him."

"Did you see him?" He worded the question impatiently.


Doctor Murray raised his eye brows.

Gael sighed, dropping her gaze to the golden medallion hanging off her neck. "I don't think he wants me to find him."

"What makes you think that?"

"When I was in there, I forgot who I was."

Dr. Murray leaned back on his maroon chair, pulling out an electronic cigar from his lab coat pocket. "Perhaps, the rift is sensitive to your thoughts."

"Yes, I know," she said, stretching her arms. " I've been thinking, and maybe, I'm not supposed to find him."

Doctor Murray took a long drag from his cigar, drooping his head to the side. "Do you believe that?"

Gael shook her head. "I don't want to."

"Why so?"

"No one really knows why he crossed the temporal rift. What if by the time I find him, he's not the same Jonathan I knew?"

Doctor Murray sighed. "He risked his life to find the missing kids. You see why your task is important, Gael? You need to guide him, help him find his way back home," he said.

"He's been gone for so long, all I remember is bits and pieces."

"You extracted your memory chip."

"Its been a year,Doctor. I wanted to see if I could remember him on my own. Sometimes, I can't tell if I remember him, or if I'm only seeing what I stored in the Back up chip."

Dr Murray placed his chart on a round table next to his chair and stood up. "I invited you to this Camp because I thought you were different. Nowadays people think psychic abilities are easily attainable. But Dream seeking is a method few have mastered. Even the NSA professionals fail time after time to comprehend the complicity of the temporal rifts."

"Even so, actual dream seeking is preserved for those with elite training. If none of the sessions at the NSA worked, what makes you think I'll do anything different to succeed?"

Dr Murray nodded. "Everyone is connected by consciousness. The method of dream seeking expands on that idea. By astral projecting ones mind through the rift, we only ensure ones body is not harmed in the process of entering the volatile conditions inside the time/space continuum. As a former NSA mediator, I learned the sessions only worked when the dream seekers used collective thought as a source of energy."

Gael avoided his stern gaze and stared at the bright medallion again." So you're saying chances are I''ll never find him on my own, and I was right all along."

Dr Murray watched her for a moment before holding open the door for her. "I think I've figure out a solution to our problem, but first, you should rest. Come back at the same time tomorrow, and we can talk about it, then."

As she walked back to her dorm room, she thought about Jonathan. She knew Dr Murray was the only person who could help her find him. With him gone, a part of her was missing. In his absence, her mind roamed to the black barrier, to the forgotten memories. The faded past he made anew would often torment her. The memories she wanted to forget reoccurred in her dreams.The truth slid up her spine, grasping her neck, crawling into her brain and torturing her mind. She was forced to remember what she couldn't. He had given her a reason to forget. But now he was gone, and she was drowning.

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