~Chapter 3~

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"I-I was just going for a walk.."

"More like you were fucking my sister." Master scolded.

"I-I'm so sorry, Master." I said.

"Get down on your knees." He ordered sternly. His voice made my whole body shake with anticipation. I got down on my knees. The cold, damp grass felt nice against my skin.

"Look down at the ground, and put your hands on your knees." He requested quite aggressively. I did as I was told as I felt my erection start to rise. This boy managed to turn me on more than any other person in the world. Expect for Tara. These two were equally as good as each other. Master stood before me, with a collar in one hand and a lead in the other. He gently put the collar around my neck making sure it wasn't too tight, and then he attached the lead. "Stand up." He ordered. I knew exactly where he was taking me. He was taking me to his playroom ..


When Master and I stood before the old white house, I felt myself get extremely turned on. I needed to be inside that playroom. I wanted it. I wanted him. Master lead me inside to a room. I knew exactly what room it was. It was his the Playroom. I felt my penis start to rise and I cursed under my breath.

"No swearing." Master replied giving me a small whack on my bottom. I moaned out of pleasure.

Master opened the door and walked me inside, then shut the door behind us. He took my collar off, then my shirt, and my pants. He left me standing in only my boxers. Master ordered me to go bend over the desk. I immediately did what I was told and bent over the cool, hard surface of the wooden desk. I feel it pressing against my nipples, and to be honest it felt good.

Every time I moved a tiny bit my penis would rub against the desk slightly causing me to hold back a moan. I tried not to move against the wood, but the temptation was hard to resist.

My Master had come up behind me. I could feel his body pressed against mine. I could feel his hot breath fanning on my ear, leaving wet residue behind. He whispered in my ear, "are you ready? You naughty little boy. Are you ready for your spankings?"

"Yes, Master." I automatically replied.

"Good." He whispered before the warmness of his body disappeared and I knew I was going to cop it.

"I'm going to give you ten spankings. If you moan I'm going to give you one more. If you move away I'm going to give you two more. And if you don't count with me, you'll get ten more." Master threatened sternly. His sexy voice had almost had me over the edge and he hasn't even done anything to me yet.

"Also," he replied, "don't you cum."

"Yes, Master." I replied taking a deep breath.

I heard Master whined up to spank me, and then I felt the hard leather whip hit my arse. It felt good. Really good. I almost moaned, but I covered it up with a, "one." My body rocked forward each time he hit me, causing my erection to graze the wooden desk's edge.

He hit me again. "T-two."

And again. "T-threeee."

He stopped for a moment then hit me again, "f-f-foour."

"F-faaa five."




Master paused and chuckled. "You better not jizz in your pants." He said sternly.

"Yes Master." I replied. And he whacked me again. "N-nine."

By now it was hard for me to hold back. I was trying so hard not to cum, because I knew what that meant. More spankings. "You've only got one more." Master said. He spoke with a rather teasing tone. Then he hit me the hardest he could manage. "T-t-t een." I almost screamed out as my erection jolted into the desk. It felt so good.

"Now, Comet," Master started.

"Yes Master?" I replied curiously.

"I am going to fuck you. This is for my own enjoyment, it is not for yours, so I do not want to hear any noises from you, nor do I want you to cum. If you do, I will spank you with my hand. You understand?" Master voice was filled with anger.

"Yes Mater. I understand."

"Good." Master replied. I felt his pelvis against my arse, and his hands on my hips. He grabbed the elastic of my boxers, and pulled them down. "Step out." He ordered. I'm complied. He pushed my boxers aside. He held my waist tightly as he pushed in. I felt myself stretching to fit his needs, and I wanted to cry out in pain, but I didn't. I bit my lip so I couldn't. Master didn't give me time to adjust and just started to pound into me. It hurt but after a while it felt good. Especially since he was hitting my g-sport hard. It took everything I had not to moan out in pleasure.

And then it happened. A moan slipped out. Master didn't stop pounding into me, but he did whack me already swollen arse extremely hard. "Naughty." He roused. Master grabbed onto my erection, and started jacking me off. He was moving his hand so fast. I could feel pre-cum drip out of my penis. Luckily, Master did not. After a few more thrusts, Master whispered to me, "cum for me." And I did. I came hard. Right into his hand. I moaned louder than I ever had before, and my body started to shake. Master rode out my orgasm, until he finally reached his own. He then pulled out, got dressed, and then picked me up and carried me to a room where I could rest. He didn't join me until he had a shower.

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