*~* Nobody's P.O.V.*~*

Sirens pierced the night, bright red and blue lights flashing throughout the city. Ambulances racing through the 7 o'clock traffic to get to the nearest hospital all the while the paramedics scrambling to make sure the soldier and his lover live. Damon tries his hardest to hold his own, but so many things come rushing to his mind as the remembrance of what happened in the field filled his mind.

*~* Damon's P.O.V. *~*

I saw what was happening before I actually felt it. As soon as I entered the intersection and I saw that truck, I knew what was going to happen, but there was no way to prevent it. All I could even think to do was to look over at Rikku so her face would be the last thing I saw before I potentially died. In the few seconds I was able to look at her, I could see everything. The way she lite up when she saw me, her smile as she laughed, her amazing blue eyes that sparkled like the sea. I just took everything in, and just as quickly as I looked at her, everything went away.

As soon as the truck crushed into the side of the car, there was nothing but darkness. The car rolled a few times and when it stopped on its roof, there was no possible way I could move any part of my body. It took all the energy I had to turn my head slightly to look and see if Rikku was ok, but right as I attempted to reach out to her, I heard sirens in the distance get closer and closer.

After what seemed like a long time, I heard faint voices coming from outside and I couldn't tell if they were trying to talk to me, but then all of a sudden I had the feeling of being pulled from the car. The pain was excruciating, but not unbearable since I have experienced worse. As soon as I was lifted out of the car and put on a gurney, everything went black.

*~* Rikku's P.O.V. *~*

I have no idea what had happened. There is nothing to see except darkness; until I saw a small spot of light. I started to run to it, but it seemed like the closer I moved to it, the further away it got, but I didn't care. Nothing hurt while I ran for what seemed like forever trying to catch this light, and eventually it was as if the light found me. I was blinded by the light that engulfed me.

When I closed my eyes and reopened them, I could not believe what was right in front of me. My mom was standing there in a white dress, her blonde hair flowing past her shoulders in flawless curls. I was filled with such emotion that I ran toward her and flung myself at her, crying my heart out. As her arms circled around me and held me tight like she used to, it only made me cry even more and try to accept the fact that she really was here and that I was really seeing her in front of me.

She shushed me and smoothed my hair, holding me tightly. Eventually, she held me at arm's length and took in my black and blue hair, my blue eyes, and my new everything. "What happened to my little girl?" she asked as she ran the back of her hand across my cheek.

Although I think the question was more to herself that to me, I responded anyway. "She lost the most important thing in her life..."

"My poor Alison," she responded as she looked in my eyes trying to find something about me that was the same.

"I actually go by Rikku now," I said sheepishly.

"I see."

I looked around and saw that where we were had actually turned into my old room in our house. The light purple walls were covered with hibiscus flowers, the bed which was suspended from the ceiling had crisp white sheets and a black comforter with a white tribal design embroidered on it, the vanity with all my old make up still on it, and the ceiling painted a sky blue with clouds sponged on it. I couldn't believe any of this because this is what it looked like the last time I had seen it.

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