Truth or Dare

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[Trent’s POV]

I love having the boys around because they’re my brothers and we have so much fun together.  But tonight they all have dates and I’m stuck by myself, just watching them all talk. I mean I do like the girls, they’re great, but I feel kind of left out. I decided to go to my room, where it was nice and quiet, and call my brother John for a little chat.

The number you have called is currently unavailable. To leave a message, please go to…

I hung up. Great! I can’t even talk to my own brother. I sat on my bed and played some tunes on the guitar, which always makes me feel better.

[Keeda’s POV]

Rosalie and I were having a lovely chat about life, love and music when we both realised Trent had been missing from the room for a while.

“Where’s Trent?”

“I don’t know. Let’s go find him; he might be in his room,” Rose suggested.

So we went to Trent’s room and sure enough that’s where he was playing guitar.

“Hey hun, what are you doing in here all by your lonesome?”

“Just playing guitar,” he replied in a drab tone.

“Why aren’t you out there with everyone else?” Rose said concerned.

“Everyone has someone to talk to except me.”

“Oh don’t be silly! Just because everyone has a date, I guess you could say, doesn’t mean you can’t talk to any of us!” I said rolling my eyes.

“Come have a few drinks with us.”

“Nah I’m fine, I’ll be out there soon.”

We both looked at each other and knew exactly what each other were thinking. We sat down next to Trent,

“Fine, then. If you’re not gonna come out with us, we’ll stay here. Play us some tunes,” I demanded.

[Julian’s POV]

“Hey Jaydo, where’s Rose and Trent?”

“…and Keeda,” Zach interrupted.

“I don’t know. Gi, do you know where they are?”

“Nope, wouldn’t have a clue. I did see Rose and Keeda walk down the corridor before though, but I haven’t seen them come back.”

“Trent has been missing for a while. Maybe the girls went to look for him. They might be in Trent’s room,” I thought aloud.

We all went to look for them, and there they were in Trent’s room, having a jamming sesh.

“What are you guys doing in here?” I asked.

“Just jamming,” Trent replied.

“Actually, Trent was feeling left out so he came in here and Rose and myself came to cheer him up.” Keeda explained.

“And now he is coming with all of us to the living room after being so ridiculous in thinking he’d be left out,” Rose said to Trent as her and Keeda pulled him off the bed and dragged him out of his room and into the living room, where Will and Jennifer where on the couch.

 “Where were all of you? One minute I was talking to Jen, the next thing you know everyone’s gone.” Will asked.

“Trent’s room,” I replied.


We all gathered around the coffee table, drinking and talking about music. Rose sat next to me, on the floor, along with Jayden and Giovanna. It’s uncanny how quickly we became friends; we haven’t even known the girls for a day and they’re already staying with us. It’s weird how it feels like we’ve known them for ages. Even Jayden has a girl around, and that’s unusual seeing as he is so shy around girls. He and Giovanna actually look really great together. I think something is going to happen between them two in the very near future.

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