Appendix A - Glossary of Peoples and Places

Beomund - Father to Eomund and husband to Hildora.

Bregolad - The land south of the Greenmountains, ruled by king Vigmod.

Dorthoniad - The Hidden Glade, Elvish home of Gallach and the Green Elves.

Dreklevir (the Dragon-helmed) - Slayer of the Great Dragon, the late king of Fairhold and the Bregolad. Father of Vigmod.

Dunwall - One of the chiefs of the Stormridders, lord of the Gelding.

Cerduin - Elvish name for the Ridderwold

Eomund (the Horse-helmed) - Last of the Stormriders, Hero of the Bregolad, son to Beomund and Hildora.

Fairhold - The capital of the Bregolad, it is a stronghold in the center of the Bregolad where the king of that land resides and holds court.

Gallach - Chief of the Green Elves.

Goblins / Orclings - Ancient enemy of the elves.

Gramstal - The “Sword of Kings” wrought by Stalalf in the early days of the settling of the Ridderwold.

Halsin - The Lord of Horses and Storms, a deity long revered by the Hithriddaran and men of the north. A constellation which is said to resemble the head of a horse bears his name.

Hildora - Mother to Eomund and wife to Beomund.

Hor Darradh (Grey Spear) and Acrοn Fulace (High Keep) - The highest peak among the Granfell mountains.

Ingild - Daughter to Vigmod and love of Eomund.

Lithos - The horse Eomund raised from a foal.

Ridderwold - The region north of the Greenmountains where Eomund grew up.

Stalalf - The ancestor of Eomund. He was among the first of the Hithriddaran to settle the Ridderwold and establish the Fielding. He was a great smith who had dealings with the elves.

Stormriders / Hithriddaran - The tribes that have inhabited the Ridderwold for ages.

The Fielding - Eomund's home in the Ridderwold.

The Gelding - The name of the house of which Dunwall is lord.

Veeterloude - Shining Flow, the river that runs east to west through the southern portion of the Ridderwold and parallel to the Granfell.

Vigmod - King of the Bregolad and Fairhold, son to Dreklevir; the Dragon-helmed.

Yolmoth - A religious enclave located in the northwestern region of the Ridderwold.

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