Cole's PoV
I carried a small tray of food to Lindsey's room. She's been up but very weak and has been sleeping a lot. Emile and Jon went to Pax without us but we'll be going "hopefully." To the next Convention.

I knocked on Lindsey's door.
"Hey Lindsey you up? I've got food." I whispered softly as I waited for a noise.
"c-come in..." She said softly as I opened the door.
"How are you doing?" I asked her softly as I sat on the edge of her bed, setting the tray on my lap.
She didn't reply but sat up slowly. Her eyes were a different colour now, they were a light blue kinda. Not her normal emerald eyes.
"I made some soup along with some fruit and Milk..." I told her as I picked up a spoonful of soup.
"Open up..." I told her softly smiling.
She smiled softly and opened her mouth a bit. I placed the spoon in her mouth and giggled softly as she closed her mouth and drank the soup.
"T-thank y-you C-Cole." She said softly as I took out the spoon.

"Your welcome Linds." I smiled at her as I have her another spoonful.
She finished the soup a little after that and I grabbed the bowl of fruit for her.
" it's kinda like a fruit Salad- AH!" I started to say but I didn't get to finish as someone pushed me towards Lindsey. I heard her scream quietly as we both feel back against her bed, me landing on top of her.
"O-ouch... L-Lindsey are you okay..." I asked her, I was kinda laying on her lower half but I was holding myself upper half up with my arms.
"F-fine... Uh..." She said as she blushed a dark pink colour. I felt my cheek heat up and my eyes widen.
"S-sorry... " I whispered softly as I sat up, fixing my shirt a bit.
"I-it's okay... Now... Amber and Katy... Meru and Henry too. Come out of hiding." She said softly but also loudly enough for people to hear. I smiled at Lindsey but then frowned.
"..." I heard a small giggle as Amber flipped into 2D for us to see her. Meru and Henry came out of the closet (no they weren't making out.... Yet... God I hope the guy I like doesn't see this cause that's his name Henry xD) giggling and Katy transformed out of her cat form that was hiding under her bed also giggling. Lindsey and I both blushed a dark red and started mumbling. I then smiled and sat closer to Lindsey, whispering in her ear quickly. "Henry and Meru. Let's do this." I told her and smiled. She also smiled and called Meru over softly as I called Henry over. We both smiled as we shoved the two together, causing their lips to smash against each other. I grabbed Lindsey and placed her on my back as I dragged Katy and Amber out of her room, leaving the two Love birds alone to kiss or whatever. XD

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