I Loaned My Body To Sci-Err, My Mother!

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---->Ibiki's POV<-----------------

I decided to look through these exams to see how these sad excuses for ninjas passed my exam...

"Naruto Uzumaki, huh?" I read outloud at the name on top of the paper. My mind automatically flashed to the loud blonde boy.

"Wonder how he did," I flinched at the voice of Anko, she was insane-so many mood swings and she's so unpredictable! She smiled to me, "he seems interesting!" She licked her lips with this. I swear she's like a vampire or something, preying on young men.

We glance at the paper.......

and fell over.


"They all weren't like that!" I defended myself and scrambled through the stack to find a paper almost black with answers, "see-" I looked at the name, "Kyoko! She answered like a maniac, SEE!" I shoved the paper in her face.

She squinted her eyes.

"ALL SHE DID WAS DRAW TURTLES ON IT!!!" she screamed and I quickly looked back to see...

a turtle...

"A TURTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled throwing the papers.

/Note: this was the first time Ibiki lost his temper during his ninja career./

--->Naruto's POV<--------------

"Kyoko is dead," the words frozen in my mind, silencing all thoughts and destorying all guards. It was eeery, as if the world had stopped moving or as if all of life was on pause. I couldn't feel my mouth that was still wide open from gaping at the words that hung still in the air.

The memories flooding, my last time with her alive-what had I missed? I forcefully moved my eyes to the others. My team, my family-had I taken them so blindly? Had I kept my eyes closed at the signs?

I remember when she pushed Sasuke off the branch, as if she wanted far away from her future murderer as possible. She knew something. She knew something! SHE KNEW SOMETHING!!!!

I felt my anger rising, and she chose to do this alone! I should of known. She was training harder and more. She ran around more and busied herself. I closed my mouth in an attempt to control myself.

I felt the metallic taste of blood rising in my mouth, but I didn't care about the pain in my mouth. I lost a friend.

"I SHOULD OF BEEN THERE!" I hissed. Sakura and Sasuke's heads snapped up at me. I broke the silence, but my anger covered the air, making it harder to breathe. I punched the ground again and again, trying to feed the uncontrollable anger to the air instead of letting it fester inside me.

I felt myself grow tired and looked up to the sound of sobbing. Sakura was crying...

--->Sakura's POV<-----------

How could this had happened?

I took an oath that I wasn't going to stand behind everyone as they grew stronger and protected me, but... I sniffed and felt the first tear fall. I fail before I started.

My mind couldn't stop thinking to how she pushed us away from her, how...she worried about us.

I watched her swallow those pills over and over in my head...she was already weakened before the battle, but...

I remembered seeing my death with that man and how he was hunting as down as if we were baby birds and he was a hungry snake.

She had no chance to begin with...and...

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