The Clue

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While Tsuna, Giotto, and the other Guardians that were present for the cake in the dinning room, Ryohei and Knuckle walked into the room. 

"Hey! What happened out there Sawada!" Ryohei exclaimed.

"It looks like a mess outside!" Knuckle added.

"Oh yeah, you weren't there. We had a fight with the shadows and Moscas." Tsuna answered. 

"What?! You had a fight to the extreme, and I wasn't there?!" Ryohei exclaimed. He ran outside and the group could here him yelling,

"Get back here! I want to fight you to the extreme!" 

"Ryohei, come back!" Knuckle called, chasing after Ryohei. 

Ugetsu and Yamamoto walked in to the room holding the cake between the two of them. They placed it on the center of the table and everyone crowded around. Everyone had helped in preparing the cake and it ended up being a mix of flavors. Then it was frosted and decorated differently depending on what each person wanted. It was part vanilla, part chocolate, part strawberry, and had flowers, flames, swirls, and chocolate bit decorated all on it. Giotto was the one to cut the cake and it had different layers of flavor. He handed a slice to everyone, remembered to give certain slices to certain people ( Mukuro wanted the chocolate one, Lambo and Lampo wanted the candy one, Giotto himself wanted the strawberry one ). Tsuna got the slice that was dedicated to him, ( courtesy of Gokudera ) which had pretty much every flavor and was decorated with flames and the symbol of Vongola X on it. Gokudera felt that Tsuna deserved to have every flavor. Yamamoto and Ugetsu both decorated their part of the cake in a Japanese manner. Lambo and Lampo tried to decorate their share with as much sweets as they could put on it. They all took a bite of their cake at the same time and their eyes shone with delight.

"This is so good!" Lambo and Lampo said in harmony.

"This taste great!" Yamamoto and Ugetsu said and laughed.

"Not bad." G. commented.

"Of course it is." Gokudera replied.

"Mmm, this is delicious." Tsuna added.

"Not bad, I like it." Giotto smiled.

They were laughing and having a relaxing time eating their slice of cake when Knuckle and Ryohei came back inside the room.

"Welcome back." Giotto said as he took a bite of a strawberry that was on his cake.

"Hello." Knuckle greeted and walked over to Giotto. "Have you seen this anywhere before?"

Knuckle handed him a piece of cloth that had an odd symbol. Giotto examined the cloth and then shook his head.

"Sorry, it doesn't look familiar." 

G. glanced over at the cloth and his eyes widened a little.

"Let me see that." He said and took the cloth, looking at it closely. "I've seen this before." 

The group turned and looked at him. Gokudera looked up at the cloth and grunted.

"Yep, I've seen that to."

"Where have you two seen it?" Knuckle asked. 

"It's drawn on the inside of the Mosca." G. replied.

"Mhmm, we weren't quite sure what it was, so we decided to wait for more clues about it." Gokudera added.

"There are some more of those cloth symbols scattered around outside!" Ryohei commented.

"I guess some of them got cut off when we were fighting." Yamamoto replied.

"That could be true." Ugetsu agreed.

"So this symbol is related to the shadows and Mosca..." Tsuna said. "But how can we find out what it means?"

"If anyone, Alaude would be the one to know." Giotto said calmly.

Ugetsu, G., and Knuckle all nodded in agreement.

"He pretty much knows everything that goes on in this area. The fact that he doesn't know who the shadows are has been bugging him." Knuckle said.

"We should tell Alaude about this." Ugetsu said. Giotto agreed and stood up (after finishing his cake, of course.) 

"I think it'll be best if only a small group went over to find Alaude, there could very well still be shadows around." Giotto said and looked at the younger Vongola group.

 He never said anything about it, but he wanted to keep the younger Vongola group out of the conflicts. It's not that he didn't trust them or anything like that. He just wanted to keep the younger generation safe. They still had a lot to learn, and this era is different than what they're used to. If anything happened to the young group, Giotto knew he would blame himself for letting something bad happen to them.

Tsuna looked up at Giotto and noticed that his eyes showed a hint of sadness in them. The others didn't seem to notice. Giotto looked over at Tsuna and noticed he was looking at him.

"Is something wrong?" Tsuna thought. Giotto understood Tsuna's silent question and smiled softly.

"Tsuna, stay safe." Giotto thought.

"You to." Tsuna thought and smiled. The two seemed to understand each other without speaking any words.

Giotto walked over to the door and signaled G. and Knuckle to come with him. He left Ugetsu and Lampo to stay with the younger group at the mansion.

"We'll be back soon." Giotto said and left the room with G. and Knuckle following behind. 


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