Chapter 10 This is all I can offer you right now

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       Thankfully I managed to to avoid Garret, Beth and now Sam for the rest of the day. As the bell rang to signal the end of school, I took my sweet time putting away my books. Not wanting to run into anyone else. After most of the students left the inside of the building I slowly made my way out. Thankfully Beth's car was gone and I quickly made my way to mine. 

 "Kadien" someone shouted. I ignored it and walked faster. 

 "Kadien" the voice was closer this time.

  It was smooth and immediately made my heart rate pick up. My wolf moaned at the voice. A hand gently pulled my arm and pulled me to face them. Tingles shot through me as our skin made contact.  It was Ryan. I blushed at the sudden feeling. 

 "I thought we were going to meet up today?" he asked. 

 "I'm sorry Ryan, I'm just having a bad day and I really don't want to talk about Garret. I know he sent you" I said honestly.

"No I swear this has nothing to do with him" He replied. Something about his tone told me he was jealous when I mentioned Garret. Maybe I'm losing it. Why the hell would he be jealous?

"Can we do this tomorrow? When I have more energy?" I asked. I really just wanted to go take a long hot bath and forget all this nonsense for awhile. 

 "Umm I guess but it's kind of-"  suddenly a voice I really didn't want to hear cut in.

 "Kay, can I talk to you?" Garret interrupted. "Hey Ryan. You still coming over tonight for Black ops?" He casually asked Ryan. 

"I'm sorry Garret you can not talk to me right now, Ryan is coming to my place so I guess he probably isn't going to your house tonight either." I said triumphantly. I really didn't have the energy to deal with Ryan but I wanted so badly to take my stabs at Garret when I could. I enjoyed watching his face change from casual to hurt and finally to jealous. Ryan starred at me confused. 

"Come on Ryan, we better get going" I pulled his arm ignoring the sensation for us touching. Ryan must have not minded because he followed. I did however see him mouth to Garret he'd call him later. I heard a huge bang. I turned to see Garret had knocked over a garbage can and was walking away angrily. I opened my car door with a smile then unlocked his. 

 "That wasn't very nice Kadien" Ryan said while putting his lips together. He almost looked sad. 

"Don't give me a speech on being nice when your little best friend over there broke my heart in half" I snapped. 

 "You really need to try and understand that situation. You know Garret really cares about you still just in a different way now" he said thoughtfully.

 "This is exactly what I expected from you Ryan, to sit here and try to get me to forgive Garret. I'll do it on my own time." I snapped. 

 "This isn't my intentions Kadien. I don't want to talk about him as much as you don't'. But I don't feel right you bringing me in the middle just to make him jealous. That isn't fair to me" He looked angry now. 

 "I'm sorry I just needed to get back at him" I admitted feeling guilty now. 

 "It's alright. I guess it's worth it since I get to be with you." He smiled. I blushed and continued driving. 

"So where am I headed to anyways?" I asked realizing I was driving around aimlessly.

"We could go to my house. My dad is always busy with pack stuff and is rarely ever home." he replied casually. 

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