The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me [ 10 ]

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One of the most amazing feelings is sleeping in on a Saturday morning.

And one of the worst is to be woken up at ten by a dog licking your face.

“Oscar! Bad boy! Down!” He got off my bed only to pick up his leash and show me his puppy face.

“No, don’t look at me like that…I’m not falling for your adorable face. No. No. No. No way I’m not going to… fine I’ll take you for a walk you crazy over-energized mutt.”

If Oscar were a girl, I’d know exactly what to call him.

In fifteen minutes, I got myself ready, had a small breakfast, grabbed my backpack – which consisted of a water bottle, my phone and the novel I’m studying this year and got out of the house with Oscar tagging along. We did a little jog towards a nearby park and ran across the whole trail. About forty minutes later we had completed a three-kilometer run.

While we were walking back, I noticed a couple of kids with their skateboards.

“Hey, excuse me,” I called out.

They didn’t hear me. I felt totally and utterly rejected.

"Hey!” Immediately all four boys stopped their conversations and looked at me.

“Is there a skate park around here?” I gestured towards their boards.

“Yeah we’re going there now, did you want to come?”

“Yeah sure.”

We took a few turns and a couple of minutes later; we were there.

And it looked pretty amazing.


There were skateboarders, roller skaters, scooter riders, and people doing tricks with their bikes everywhere! They did their stunts on the ramps and pyramids and other objects I didn’t know the name to…but it was wicked!

“Pretty cool huh.” one of the boys commented.

“Yeah.” I loved the graffiti and OH MY GOD IS THAT REECE CARTER?

Sure enough, Reece was standing at the top of the highest ramp in the entire park, his friends were at the bottom cheering him on, - it looked like he didn’t bother thinking twice, he just skated down, did a firkin flip in the air, twisted his entire body 360° and swiftly landed on the concrete floor.

Just casually, you know.


Oscar and I waked a little further away from the skate park and towards a pond, which had little fluffy white ducks swimming in it.

I took a seat on the bench, undid Oscars leash and allowed him to wander off for himself. I unzipped my bag, took a sip of water and began reading from where I left off in Pride & Prejudice.

Ah, Mr. Darcy. Marry me?

And then my book was snatched away.

“Hey! What gives Oscar?” he had my novel secured between his teeth. Ew.

“Oscar down boy. Put the book down now.”

He did, but then he began ripping it apart.

“No Oscar, stop!” He looked at me again and then I finally noticed.

The dog wasn’t Oscar. It looked like Oscar, it was a German shepherd like Oscar, it was as big as Oscar but the last time I remembered; Oscar wasn’t a female…and this dog certainly was.

I searched for a sign of Oscar and after numerous amounts of calling out his name and failing to get a response, I hooked his leash around the dog’s collar and got her to calm down a bit. I glanced at her tag; Bella. Her name’s Bella.

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