Chapter 2

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((I'm introducing POVs from time to time, I feel like you'd get a better understanding of what's going on in their head if I do so.))

Lucy's POV

So that's how we ended up going on an adventure to California. It's not that I don't like it, just the fact that it was so sudden. Placid just instantly took the case without my consent, which of course is understandable since he's the detective and I'm just the constable. I'm used to being with him anyway, both in a home and in work.

I lived with him once we became a couple, since Placid insisted that it could help him get in control. Which was actually quite true, he sometimes had an issue controlling himself with things and I had to help him. It felt awkward transitioning to such a thing, let alone moving all my stuff to his, but then again he did live closer to the Mystery Room and allowed me to not be late now.

When I first came to his house, it was a monstrosity. Newspapers of different dates strewn everywhere, a small telly to the side with a couch and a blanket. Despite the living room, his bedroom look pretty clean except for a wall of evidence from the Justin case, where he learned the truth.

Placid looked ashamed of himself and helped put the newspapers in a neat box. He explained how he was so used to not having anybody with him that he became a mess. Which completely explained the Mystery Room, which fortunately, I cleaned too.

But back to the trip to California, Potty was practically jumping up and down. He absolutely was excited to leave 'this dump' and do something out in the field.

"Lucy, it is of absolute importance that we leave today!" Potty exclaimed, throwing clothes in his suitcase, which I was straightening out for him. The only things the man wore was lab coats, jeans, and sweaters with all the same color scheme. I saw a blue trench coat and a black long sleeve but besides that, it was it.

"Can we at least leave tomorrow?" I suggested, and I could see Potty and Placid fighting with one another in his head until Placid returned and agreed to doing so.


The next morning, Potty woke me up by dumping water on my face. It wasn't ice cold, but bloody hell I woke up with a jolt. I shot up, rubbing my eyes only to see Potty with a water bottle in his hands, all dressed in that blue trench coat and jeans.

"Potty!" I exclaimed, getting out of bed and chasing after him. He was a troublesome man, unfortunately... He stopped once he reached the kitchen, knowing I had him trapped now.

"Alright, alright. Sorry. You overslept by two minutes and I'm itching to leave. I would have used a cold steel blade to wake you up, but the fake didn't want to." He said, rolling his eyes. I sighed in relief as he continued on, "Of course, now you only have twenty minutes to get ready. Chop chop." He left the kitchen to watch the telly to only yell at it for the contestants of the game show being... 'Stupid' in his eyes. I sighed and walked off to get dressed.

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