Prompt 1: Can you do one where Zayn is the baby but he snaps one day and he gets really upset that he's been doing it for so long and he wants to stop?

Prompt 2: Can you do one where Zayn is the baby and he wants to stop because he is too humiliated by it and the press is starting to figure it out so Zayn wants to stop being the baby but the boys won't let him because they say everything will be fine but sooner or later the press does find out and Zayn gets a lot of hate and stuff so the boys finally let Zayn stop but then he figures out he needs it because of his accidents?

Zayn clung to Harry just as he usually did when he first woke up from a nap. With his arms around the younger boy's neck and his legs around his waist, you could almost say that he resembled a baby koala bear. It was the way he always liked to be carried, and even though his boyfriends had needed to get used to it, it wasn't too difficult for any of them anymore.

"There's our baby!" Niall cooed, holding his arms out. Zayn blushed, but Harry placed him into Niall's lap, not paying any mind to Zayn's newfound embarrassment.

It wasn't that Zayn didn't still enjoy being the baby of the band, but things were getting out of hand. People were starting to notice. Of course the boys would make excuses and tell him he was just being paranoid, but he knew better. There was even a picture that had come out on Twitter a few weeks ago of him sucking his thumb. Miraculously, Management and the other boys in the band were able to spread the rumor that it was a photo edit. Most people had already let it go. Still, the worry was constantly in Zayn's mind when they were in public.

"Did you have a good nap?" Louis asked, leaning over so he could pop a dark blue dummy in Zayn's mouth. The younger lad sucked on it reluctantly and nodded. He always slept well when he was home.

It was just after Niall was going through the familiar motion of rocking and patting Zayn's padded bum that the news popped up on TV. Normally it wouldn't have been a big deal; One Direction was a constant topic on the telly, and it was quite interesting for Zayn to see himself on there when he was in his headspace. As usual, he turned his head so he could see better, still resting on Niall and sucking his dummy while they rocked.

"Another surprising picture of Zayn Malik has popped up on Instagram today! Not only has he been seen sucking his thumb between photoshoots, but, as you can see here, he also has a dummy!"

Zayn's eyes widened as the reporter continued to speak. The dummy had long since fallen out of his mouth and into Niall's lap. Around him, his boyfriends were scrambling to find the remote to turn the telly off, but so far they were having no luck. All they could do was stare at the picture of Zayn on the screen. They had to admit that this picture looked much more real than the last few did. Zayn was curled up on someone's lap - it didn't show who - with his eys closed and the same dummy from a second ago bobbing in his mouth.

Louis finally found the remote and hit thoff button, causing the screen to go dark. As much as the four 'older' lads wished that they could somehow make Zayn forget about what he just saw, it was impossible. They were so screwed. 


"No!" He interrupted Harry, shaking his head. He tried to wiggle out of Niall's grasp. "They know!"

"Babe, you need to calm down!" Liam exclaimed. He grabbed Zayn's shoulders and put a good amount of pressure on them until he finally stopped fighting again.

Not that Zayn wasn't upset. He was beyond humiliaed that anyone had seen him like this, let alone the whole world. "Get the fuck off of me! I'm done, okay? That's it!" He broke away and stomped back upstairs. His room was just as he had left it before he started staying in the 'nursery', so when he walked in, he set to work. He ripped the clean nappy right off and replaced it with boxers and a pair of sweats. Looking in the mirror, he saw how red his face was from both anger and embarrassment. Could you really blame him? The whole world knew his secret. It had been hidden for so long, but it was out now and there was nothing he could do about it.

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