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The pic Bria Posted On Insta.😍

Shala POV

"why the hell you smiling so hard " Bria said while warping her hair up in a bonnet

"No reason " I blush thinking about the kiss Xia just gave me

"Mhmm . Spill it " she put wipe her make up off

"Me and Xiaven Just kiss " I cheese and fell backwards on my bed

"What !" she look at me and start laughing

"Yess " I hug the hotel pillow

"Dang so how was it " she got under the covers and look at me

"Perfect his lips is so juicy and when he bit my bottom lip I just went crazy . I think I'm in love "

"Was that your first kiss " she eyed me

"Yess " I blush in embarrassment

"Aww that is so sweet " she smiled and laid down and turn her back to me



"I know she did not fall asleep on me " I mumble and look over at her and she was knock out snoring and all

"Can't stand her "

I went to the closet and pulled out my Pink sleeping shorts and the shirt that match . I grab my Endless love VS body wash and went to the bathroom to take a shower .......... I spray my perfume that goes with my body wash on my body and put on my knee high socks . Wrap my hair in me bonnet and laid down to go to sleep .......

Xiaven POV

"Nigga why the fuck yo ass smiling like you just got some pussy " deon said brushing his teeth in the room mirror   

"Naw Fool but you warm "

I took off my shirt and pants and that had my basketball shorts under it .

"You ate some Pussy ?" he wipe his mouth the gurgling some mouth wash

"Bitch - No" I grab a towel and push him out the bathroom

"So what is it " he yelled at the close door 

I open it

"I kiss Shala " and I close it back before he could say something and cut on the Beats pill blasting Real sisters to ignore his rants he was giving me . I hop in the shower and put AXE shower gel Cool Blue in my rag and did my business ........

"Yea nigga I did not forget " deon stood there with his arms folded waiting on me

"Man what "I put my clothes in my suit case 

"So how was the kiss nigga " he hop on his bed

"A kiss " I put rub some cocoa butter on my legs

"Man come on "

"Alright . We kiss but I could tell that was her first kiss because she just stood there at first then she got the hang to it when she wrap her hand around my neck and we both just went in " I put on my Nike socks and got under the covers

"Did you squeeze the booty " he smirk

"Nope. Imma ease that in next time " I clap so the lights can go off

"If there's a next time . "

"What you mean" I sat up and clap the lights back on

"I mean she's a girl and girls over think things so she problem think you like her and shit " he laid down

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