Chapter 8

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"Sit down," Christian commanded. What was he going to do to me? I sat on the toilet seat and waited for Christian to start talking. "When did you and Rose fall in love?" he asked. Was he interrogating me? Like the big brother interrogation?
"I fell in love with her at Portland," I answered quietly.
''How many times have you hurt her?" he asked.
"I don't know..." I answered quietly.
"Have you hurt her?" he inquired.
"Yes..." I murmured.
"You're not allowed to hurt her anymore. Rosie and I may fight but we're like brother and sister. Lissa would also kill you and me if you hurt her," Christian told me. So this was a big brother interrogation of sorts. I hoped if Vasilisa got me for 7 minutes, I wouldn't get interrogated by her too. "Lissa'll probably interrogate you as well and ask you more personal questions so be warned," Christian warned me. I gulped. She'd also be able to tell if I was lying through my aura. Would she be ruthless? "So... what now?" Christian asked. I checked my watch.
"1 more minute. Might as well leave now," I said. He nodded and left as I followed him.

Dimitri span the bottle. It kept spinning. I was hoping it would stop on me. I mean, seriously, of course I'd want it to land on me. I'll bet Dimitri wanted the same thing while the rest were hoping not. The bottle started slowing. Eventually it landed on...

A/N: MWAHAHAHAHAH! Cliffhanger! Who do you guys think the bottle will land on? School just started today. :(
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