Ray Ray (Freaky Imagine) STARRING YOU!

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Ray Just . Came Back From Hanging Out With His Boys . Roc . Prod . Prince And . Myles . When He came In You Were In The Livingroom . Watching Tv.

Raay : Heyy Bae

You: Hey wassup . You had Fun

Raay: Yup! .

You: What yall Do ?

Raay: Play B-Ball .

You: Oh .

Raay : Ima About To Go Take A Shower . Right Quick .

You: Ok .

he Goes And get Inside the Shower .

{20 Mins later}

He Comes Out The Shower .

Raay: YN .

You: Huh!

Raay: Come here

You: Ok .

You Go Upstair To Find raay naked .

You: What (Looking Down)

Raay: Come Here

You: (You walk Over To Him)

: (Starts Kissing You)

Raay: Damn

You: what

Raay: Nun

He starts taking . off Your Clothes

Raay: (Kisses You Down To My va jay jay and Starts Eating You Out)

You: (Moaning) O.o

Raay: (Comes Back Up And Kisses You And Fingering You At the same Time) Umm You Taste So Good

You: (Moaning) O.o I Know Don’t Stop

Raay: Your Wish Is My Command (He Stops And Put It In)

You: (Screaming)

Raay: This is What You Wanted Right

You: (Moaning) YES Ooooooo Don’t Stop Keep Going

Raay: (Turns You Over And Get On Top Of You And Put It Back In)

You: (Moaning) Stoooop

Raay: (Goes Faster) Nope

You: (Moaning) Raaaaaaay

Raay: What’s My Name

You: (Moaning) Raaa-aaaaay Raaaaaaa-aay

Raay: Nope

Me: (Moaning/ Screaming) Rayaaaaaan

Raay: Nope (Goes deeper And Harder)

You: (Screaming ) Daaaaaaaddddddyyy!

Raay: You Still want me too Stop (Breathing hard)

You: Yesss!

Raay: Ok (Stops)!

You: Ow !

Raay: Punk!

You: Shut Up!



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