Ch. 47 See You Soon

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After the ceremony, we did pictures. Countless pictures. I hated every minute, as did Jake, who began twirling me around the field.

"Why are we dancing?" I laughed as he twirled me out and into him.

"Because pictures are stupid!"

"Hey! You're ruining your first dance!" Lou snapped.

Jake brought our dancing to a halt. He pulled me into a kiss and smiled against my lips. "You're my wife."

"You're my husband."

"Okay! We're done!" the photographer shouted.

Jake led me towards the barn.

Everyone was inside by the time we got there.

The DJ announced us as 'Mr. & Mrs. James Hamilton,' so Jake didn't move. After a minute, the DJ spoke, "Correction. Sgt. Major and Dr. James Hamilton!"

Jake led me to the dance floor, where Michael Bublé's "Hold On" came on. Jake smiled as we began dancing. He held me close and gave me a kiss.

"Why were you crying earlier?" he whispered.


"As you walked down the aisle."

"My grandfather was supposed to give me away. They forgot about the wedding."

Jake briefly stopped dancing. "What?"

"Can we just continue dancing? Please? I don't want a big scene. I want to finish our dance."

"A happy wife, a happy life," he smirked, beginning to dance again.

I smiled, "You'd do well to remember that, Sgt. Major."

He chuckled.

I smiled as he kissed me again.

When our dance was over, the DJ spoke, "Father/Daughter dance!"

Jake pulled back.

We looked at Erica, who looked horrified.

The Chief and Kelly came up. "We'd like to cut in."

We danced with them.

"Chief, thank you for everything you've done today. You didn't have to do anything."

"You're my best student. You might as well be my daughter."

"Thank you, sir."

We all danced for a bit. Then, it was time for dinner.

We all sat down.

Drew stood. "Good evening. When my brother asked me to be the best man today, I was honored. He's done so much for me, so much for our country. He and Britt are perfect for each other. They're amazing, like puzzle pieces. They work together better than any couple I've ever met. The love they share is strong and unmoving. It's as beautiful as they are. One day, I hope to find a love like theirs, because theirs is the kind that will last forever. I love you, guys. Best of luck."

We took a drink.

Lou stood.

Jake squeezed my hand.

"I've known Britt since we were little. We've been roommates forever. She'd been through a lot. When she found James, I was overwhelmed with joy. I couldn't believe it. From that day on, they've hit a few bumps. Their lives aren't perfect. They're not perfect, but they love each other. They are the very definition of love winning. I wish them the very best."

We applauded and took a drink.

Dinner was nice. It was elegant. I had a chicken dish and Jake had steak; both options were equally as tasteful. We'd definitely chosen wisely.

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