Chapter 9 - Hospital

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Later that day, I grabbed a duffel bag and began to put some clothes for the babies in there, lots of nappies (diaper for my fellow Americans), wipes, and lots of other stuff. I put some extra clothes in there for me, in case I was there longer than I thought. I had to be prepared for whenever, because I didn't know when I was going in. Calum didn't know either. He thought it wasn't going to be for another month or two.

I didn't want to scare him when we went into the hospital. He would be freaking out. I have to go in before the 28th of October, since that is my 'death date'. They were right. I have been feeling weaker and weaker. They said it would be worse for me since I'm pregnant, and even more so since its with twins.

The doctor's had put a little health tracker in me, so they could see what was going on in my body, and they could tell me when they wanted me in to do the c-section. They kept an eye on it all of the time. They told me they'd call me whenever they want me in.

Calum walked into my room as I was putting clothes into the bag. I quickly shoved the bag into my closet and turned towards him.

"What was that?" He asked.

"It was just a bag. I was trying to find one that I could use when I go to the hospital. It's coming up quickly. It'll be here before you know it!" That was all true. The twins would be here within a week, and I will be dead within that time.

"Oh, okay. I really can't believe that in just about a month and a half, the twins will be here!" He grabbed my hand in excitement. They'll be here before you know it, Cal..

"Yeah," I played along, "have you thought any on what you want to name them?"

"Actually, no. I was so busy in tour, and it's so hard to pick names! I haven't gotten any that I really like. I don't want to give my kids a name I regret," it made sense. He only had a few more days to think, however.

"I haven't thought of any either. There's so many options, you know?"

"Yeah, there is. That's my problem too. Maybe together we can think of names."


"Calum!! Hayley!! Dinner's ready!" Joy yelled.

"Coming!" We both said back.

We walked down the stairs, and Calum helped me since it was getting a little hard to. He thought it was just because of the pregnancy, but it wasn't only that. My body was breaking down. It was getting harder to do everything.

We ate and I got tired, so Calum helped me up the stairs. We went into my room, and he kissed my forehead and my stomach like always.

"Get some rest, baby," he whispered and left. Why do I have to do this to him?


I woke up a little after two in the morning to my phone ringing beside my bed. I picked it up after seeing it was the hospital.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hayley?" The nurse wondered.

"Yeah, that's me."

"We need you in to the hospital as soon as possible. We need to get those babies out. You aren't going to make it much longer," she told me, panicking.

"I'll be there soon," I promised, hanging up my phone and stumbling out of bed. I grabbed the bag and made my way to the closest room.

"Mali.." I shook her.

"What?" She asked sleepily.

"They need me at the hospital, asap."

"Let's go," she got out of bed and put her shoes on. Neither of us cared what we were wearing. We needed to get there as soon as possible, and we were not going to waste time on getting dressed.

"Don't you want to get Calum?" She asked, getting me into the car.

"We can't right now. We'll call him from the hospital," I told her. She nodded and began to drive off.


*Mali's POV*

The baby boy arrived at two fifty-six, their girl at two fifty-seven. I had called Calum, telling him to come. He hadn't picked up his phone at first, so I called several times until he did.

Hayley got to see the babies just for a minute until they took them away for testing and to clean them off. Calum then came and got to see Hayley for just a small amount of time. Mum and dad had come too.

*Calum's POV*

"Hayley..." I ran to her and grabbed her hand. I kissed her, and she began crying.

"Cal, I'm sorry.. I've known for nine months that this was going to happen and-"

"What was going to happen?"

"I'm going to die, Calum.." Her words hit me like a ton of bricks.

"You.. what?"

"I'm going to die, Cal. I'm so sorry."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I love you. I didn't want to hurt you. I will always love you. Remember that," she smiled as I saw the heart monitor going slower and slower.

"Hayley.. I love you," I whispered into her ear.

"I love you too," she spoke, using her last breath to say it. I couldn't believe she was gone. I broke down crying. I kissed her cold hand and left the room. I left the hospital too. I went home and into my room.

I then decided I didn't want to live with this pain. I rummaged through the bathroom cupboards and grabbed the first pills I could find.

"I'm not living without Hayley," I thought to myself, grabbing a handful and swallowing them.

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