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How can a person, who I've known my whole life, change into someone I don't recognize, right before my very eyes? I ask this question every time I look at myself in the mirror or every time I think of what happened to me. I ask myself this question, every time I touch my slightly swollen stomach. I would have never thought that this would happen to me, but then again, who would ever expect this. Still, after two months, I can't completely believe the situation I'm in. After two months of being alone, and scared, I still can't believe it. At some point, I know that my reality will kick in, and it will no longer feel as if everything that is happening to me is a bad dream. But until then, I'm going to focus on the three things I can believe. My name is Elise, I'm thirteen, and I'm pregnant with my brother's baby.

**2 months ago. April 20**

I could hear the distinct sound of my brother's voice coming from a group of people. They where gathered outside of my house, and as I walked closer, I could see that these people didn't look like the type of guys that my brother Mathew usually hangs out with. They seemed much too old to be in high school, and as I took in there appearance, I had the sudden urge to run away from them. The group all looked slightly similar. Each one of the ten men had various tattoos, low baggy pants, and a white muscle shirt. There appearance reminded me of the many people who have been the subjects on the news channels, for homicide or drugs. They looked like the kind of people who'd you stay clear from, witch made wonder why Mathew was with him.

After studying the men, I looked curiously for Mathew, and found him in the center of the group .I studied Mathew for minutes, as I was unable to comprehend what had occurred. In one hand, Mathew held a lit cigarette, while in the other he held a half drunken bottle of tequila. Mathew had always been a good person. He never drank or smoked, got good grades in school, and tried his best never to curse in front of me. Today, if I had seen him without knowing him, I would have sworn that he was the complete opposite. This was something I would never expect for him to become. Hopefully, this was all a misunderstanding.

As soon as Mathew caught sight of me, he reluctantly walked over to me. When he arrived, I looked at him expectantly, waiting for an explanation. Every time his gaze met mine, I saw something within him, but he would quickly look down, as if he knew I could see it. After a couple minutes of his silence, my curiosity grew, and over came the need for an explanation.

"What's wrong? " I quietly asked him.

"If I ever did something to hurt you, and I didn't want to, but I did it any way, would you ever forgive me?" He whispered.

After a moment of thinking, I said, "Of course, you're my brother. I love you and I will always forgive you for the stupid things you do." A light smile played across my lips as I said this, but it quickly vanished as I looked at the expression on my brother's face. It was one I had never seen before.

"Elise," Mathew said, his voice filled with grief and regret, "I'm so sorry, please forgive me."

My eyes widened with his statement, and before I could process what he could possibly mean, I was pushed to the ground.

"Ouch," I exclaimed as my skin broke, when my hand landed on a pointed rock. With slight tears rimming my eyes, I looked behind me only to find that I was surrounded with the group of men that I had seen with Mathew only a few minutes ago.

I suddenly had the same urge to run again, but this time it was a thousand times stronger, and it was accompanied with fear. Seeming to know what I felt, the frightening men came closer. I had no place to run, and no place to hide, seeing as the circle of men was completely enclosed, so I had no choice but to watch and to see what would happen. Without warning, I was grabbed around the waist and pulled back. Before I could let out a scream, they vigorously began to tie a large cloth over my mouth, and in turn, another cloth around my eyes. I was blinded, but not before I could spot the one person I cared for the most at the moment. Mathew.

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