Chapter Six

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I tried to find where he was, but I just couldn't seem to find him anywhere then I realized there was only one place I hadn't looked yet. I ran to the ballroom then I saw him standing in the middle of the floor he was holding someone up It almost looked like a girl not much older than me.

"You thought you could escape me you little wench well guess again" He said his voice sounded deeper with anger

"I'm so sorry master please not again I can't take the pain" she cried

"Its to late for sorry" he said before I saw him do something horrifying he sank his teeth into her neck and it looked like he was drinking her blood. I tried to stifle a cry but he turned around and saw me he had a hungry look in his eyes he dropped the girl.

"Well well well looks like you rediscovered my little flaw Oh my dear Elizabeth just wait till I get my hands on you!" He shouted he flew at me he literally flew. I ran faster than I ever thought I could

"Leave me alone you monster!" I yelled terrified

"Monster that's a bit harsh don't you think I mean it's not like she mattered" he yelled still trying to catch me

"But you my dear you matter more than life it self your beautiful and elegant" he still shouted

"Why are you doing this, it cruel and disgusting you sick thing!!" I shouted trying to hold back tears I was so scared I tried to out run him but I found myself trapped in a corner. He smiled and he looked crazy his mouth was dripping from her blood he had a crazed look in his eye.

"Looks like I finally caught my prize" he sneered he dropped to his feet and grabbed me by my shoulders pushing me into the wall. The tears started to flow from my eyes as I realized this was the end. Then I realized something in his eyes had changed they were no longer crazed but sympathetic. He stood there his hands on my shoulders staring at me. Finally he broke the silence

"Why can't you remember?" He said quietly

"I....I'm sorry but I'm sure I never knew you, but I do know that this Elizabeth person is important to you that's obvious" I replied

"No you are Elizabeth you have to be" he muttered his grip on my shoulders grew tighter

"I'm really not and there is no proof I'm sorry but I think your wrong" I said biting back

"Then come with me this has to work" he replied letting go of my shoulders taking my hand and dragging me back into that room from before. The candle was still lit but something about the room seemed off it almost seemed like there was a mixture of anger and sadness.

"Why are we here again?" I questioned

"This room holds so many memories some good and others dreadful" he said I wasn't sure but it looked like he was trying to hold back tears

"Are.....are you crying?" I asked as soon as I asked that he turned around his eyes sparkling with tears he also looked angry. He stormed towards me pushing me against the wall once more.

"Tell me you remember!" He shouted "tell me!"

"I....I.....I'm serious I really don't know you" I stammered

"Get out" he growled

"What?" I asked

"GET OUT NOW!!!!!" He shouted loudly he grabbed my wrist and dragged me out into the hall leaving me there he went back into the room and slammed the door. I just stood there dazed trying to figure out what had just happened I realized the only way was to go back in there and confront him. I opened the door slightly I saw him, he was throwing books around and yelling.

"Why can't she remember me I mean I have done so much for her to remember! Ahhh! Why can't she remember!" He screamed then I was shocked to see what happened next he grew wings and his teeth came to an even sharper point. I gasped he turned and saw me I stood there my feet felt glued to place. He stalked towards me his shoes hitting the floor, I trembled I even more scared than I had been when he was chasing me.

"This is what you wanted to see wasn't it you wanted to see the monster that comes out! Well take a good look my dear this is it!" He shouted annoyed I realized I would have to stand up to him or he would never respect me.

"I never wanted to see you get even more monstrous then you already are you evil being so I'm glad I forgot if I never knew because I would love something as evil and sinister as you so just forget this I will be out of here as soon as possible and don't worry I'll take my "mortal" friend with me!" I spat and walked off I could hear him changing back to his normal self

"Elizabeth please don't leave me again not again!" He shouted desperately I turned around he looked pitiful

"Oh my god why can't you get this threw your thick vampire skull I'm not Elizabeth I don't know what your sick game is so just stop this and it makes sense that this "Elizabeth" left you!, you sick, sick creature so just go away!" I yelled, I could hear him growl with rage and fast walk up to me he grabbed my wrist and turned me around his stature seemed tall and powerful his eyes had that crazy look again.

"Don't ever speak to me like you little wench you will love me weather you like it or not and if you refuse then I will kill you" he spat back I could feel tears starting prick in my eyes not just because I was scared I felt pity for him the poor man who wanted his love back. I jerked myself out of his grip and ran tears starting to spill this time he didn't chase me again I ran and ran and ran and never looked back. I came to a big set of wooden doors that must have led to the outside I pushed them open and ran outside I was still snowing but I didn't care. I ran to the back of the castle and saw there was a staircase leading up to the roof, I decided I needed to be by myself for awhile. As I reached the top it felt colder, but it didn't matter I wanted to just sit there and freeze to death and if I did it wouldn't matter it would mean I be done with this crap. I just stood there for awhile looking at the setting Sun, then I heard a door bust open and looked down I saw him he had his wings back and he looked panicked I knew he had been looking for me.

"Elizabeth! Where are you?!" He shouted then he looked up and saw me I backed away angry that he found me. He flew up to the roof I backed away even more, it was slippery and I slipped off the roof my hand thankfully caught the side of the castle I was terrified.

"Help!" I screamed tears flowing again he pulled me up into his arms I wrapped my arms around him shaking with cold, fear, and tears. I held him so tight crying and shaking, silently thanking him.

"Hush, hush it's alright it okay it's fine" he shushed rubbing his hand down my hair it felt strangely comforting I stopped crying after about five minutes during that time he picked me up bridal style I was still holding tightly.

"Hang on" he said before I could respond he jumped off the roof and flew with his powerful wings I yelped with surprise

"Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, I'm in the air and not dying" I said with surprise, he chuckled

"Hey don't laugh I can't fly like you Mr. Oh look at me I'm flying" I replied defensively

"I wasn't laughing because you can't fly I was laughing because it's funny to see you get feisty" he replied, I smiled as we landed he put me down I stumbled a bit but I found my footing. We walked silently into the castle and he walked me to my room.

"Look all I wanted to say was....thank you for saving me and putting up with my stubbornness I know I can be a bit you know stand offish" I said breaking the silence

"Well you are welcome my dear" he said smiling just as we reached my door out of nowhere he planted a light kiss on my cheek I blushed uncontrollably I opened the door turned around and he was gone. I smiled knowing he was probably watching me somewhere. I entered knowing that Jeannie would want to know everything.

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