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Welcome to the rewrite of 'My Best Friend is My Mate', and 'This Love' now titled, 'Gentle Predator'. I know, it's a lot to get used to. There will be a sequel so try and guess which character's story that is before we get to the end of this one.

The plot of the story is generally the same but the writing style is different. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Please vote and comment because it really helps me understand how you guys feel about things. I'm sorry to those of you who just started reading the draft but I promise you that you're not missing out on much; the rewrite is much better.

I don't know how often updates will be but since I'm finishing this off for NaNoWriMo it should be often. I hope you enjoy the story, and for those of you who read the draft, I'm terribly sorry about the cliffhanger I left you on.

Much Love,



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