Chapter 5: When the Drama Begins

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~On The Bus~

Mr.Fitz: Females with females ,Males with males

Shira: What? Girls have to share together (whispers) man i wanted to get laid on this trip

Mr.Fitz: Yeah that's what I just said

Shira: Ok... calm down

Shadi: Lydia you wana share a tent?

Lydia: Sorry im already sharing

Shira: Carrie you want to share with me?

Carrie: Sorry i can't I already promised Lulu

Shira: Ok, Sophie?

Sophie: Sorry I'm with Ashely

Shira: Ok I'll sleep By myself

Mr.fitz: Unfortuantely but we don't have enough tents so everyone must share

Shira: Who doesn't have a partner

Kayla: Oh hell naw, I'm not sharing with her.

Shira: I'm not any happier than you are.

Mr.Fitz: Does everyone have a partener?

Everyone: Yeah (shira wishpers this is hell)

-Everyone comes off the bus and stands next to their partner-

- Craig pulls Shira to the side quickly-

Shira: Craig i can't do this

Craig; yes you can it can't be that bad

Shira: Yes she doesn't like that i'm dating you what am i suppose to do now?

Craig: Try and make friends with her

Shira: I don't know

Craig: Please for me?

Shira: ok but i got to get back to the line

-Craig and Shira get back on the line-

Mr.Fitz: Is everyone here? Head-Count

-Craig and Shira stop kissing and get in line-

Mr.Fitz: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, Wait im missing two students where are... Um Craig and Sophie

Sophie: im right here

Mr.Fitz: oh sorry

Ashely: Your missing Shira

Mr.Fitz: Yes where is Shira too?

Craig and shira: Were over here

Mr.Fitz: Stay in line please

Craig: Yes sorry it was my fault

Mr.Fitz: Ok but follow the class everyone and Stay together i don't want anyone to be lost on the trip I'm the only chaperone.

~Everyone follows Mr.Fitz next to their partner~

Kayla: Ewww a lizard!!

Rayquan: Don't be a pussy tough up

Mr.Fitz: We don't use that kind of language

Rayquan: Sorry

Mr.Fitz: We've reached the camp site everyone choose a spot to set up your tent but stay close.

Kayla's POV

This is terrible. How the hell do you people think i feel about sharing a tent with my ex:boyfriend girlfriend. It's not fun! I'm furious we never liked each other since 5th grade


Mrs.Johnson: ok Class we have a new student her name is Shira please make her feel welcome.

(Kayla and her besties flip their hair a d laugh)

Layla: she thought she was cute

Shayla: I am sooooo cool i gave braids

Ray: (With high pitch voice) Really you gotta go there?

Shayla: oh sorry bby

Ray: Im not your boyfriend

Shayla: (giggles)

Ray: Uhhhh

Kayla: Anyways who looks like a pig

Layla: Shira haha oink oink

Unison: Shira's a pig (x 3)

Shira: be quiet... How do you live with yourself by hurting other people YOU ARE MONSTERS!!!!

~Back to time~

Kayla those words run through my head everyday i may say i have a luxurious life but i don't my mom treats me like crap. She put me on this trip hoping ill get left back.But i really dont care.

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