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I was in the elevator on the phone with my agents, and he's been saying the same thing that everyone has been telling me.

"The team can't afford to lose you or anybody, so you have to stay safe Odell."

"I get it now, and I got it every other time you told me."

"We understand that, but we can't stress how-"

I had to cut him off.

"We won't even have a stadium to play at in a few hours, all of our houses will literally be underwater, so it really won't matter, but I'll do my best." I said trying to end this call politely.

"Well if there's no stadium for you to play at, then they won't have a choice and have to let you guys become free agents, you'll be making big bucks, and maybe be on a better team."

"Okay, bye." I said knowing that they make they money off of me. That's the only reason why I can't die, or their salaries will also "die."

I had talked to Camille's friend Chelsea and she told me that Camille was trying to get out of New York. I'm going to wait for Camille to bring it up, but I'm not worried that much since she gone be stuck here for a while.


"Babe we really shouldn't be doing this." My girl said, as I picked the lock to the front door.

"I'm tired of you complaining." I said turning the handle. 

"Where's the stuff at?" I asked her.

"He probably put it downstairs." She said looking around the house.

"Well hurry up we have to make it back to the jet soon." I said throwing a duffel bag at her.

"We'll be okay A-"

"Hurry up!" I yelled. She flinched at my sudden change of tone and went downstairs.

I went through the 3rd floor of the penthouse and took the jewelry out of the cases. The power was down, so I didn't worry to much about any alarms going off.

Angela was downstairs getting the money from the vault. She mentally slow as hell.

Who the fuck text their boyfriend, while they're with their "boyfriend?"

She fucked up my plan, but she paid for it. Big time.

No I didn't beat her. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't do it to her. She been hanging with me for about 7 years. She meet the family, and my boys so you know it's real.

I like to release my anger by fucking hardcore. I'd like to say she got used to it, but I know she hasn't.
I don't mean to take my anger out on her, but it's just the way it is sometimes.

"I got it Ahmad."

"How much is it?"

"It was just 13, one hundred dollar bills."

"Thirteen hundred?" I asked.

"No, 13, one hundred dollar bills." I wanted to laugh at how stupid she was, but she was so serious.

"You said he had over 10 grand."

"I don't know what grand is."

My phone started ringing, it was my nigga Fed. He always had the police on him so we gave him that nickname.

"We taking off in 30 minutes."

"Aright I'll be there." 

I hung up, and took the bag out of Angela's hand.

"Come on."

She followed me out and got in the passenger side of my Denali.

The rain was coming down hard.

"Where are we going when we get on the jet?"

"The Bay."

"What's the bay?"

"A area in California."

Her face lit up.

"Yay, I never been." She said cheesing.

We were going to my hometown. Oakland,  California. Not to many people want to end up here,  but it's all I grew up knowing.
It ain't that bad to me.

After this storm shit blows over I'm ending this deal I had with a drug lord.

What do you think?

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