Chapter 12

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9:00 AM

Y/n's house

I woke up and Jass was sleep. I kissed her and got up and did my hygiene routine. I walked to my room and Jass was up.

"Hey baby." I said straddling her. "Hey." She said wrapping her arms around my waist. "Babe I don't know how you might feel about this but me, you, and Chris going to IHOP at 10." Jass said. "He actually wants to talk to me." I said sarcastically. I wasn't sure how to feel about it. On one side I was happy cause I could possibly get my best friend back. But he did act like a total dick towards me the other day. "Okay." I said getting up and starting to get ready.

I put on blue sundress with some blue converse. I curled my hair and walked downstairs waiting on Jass.


9:30 AM

IHOP parking lot

"I don't see why I have to be here." Kaylen said with her arms crossed. "Cause I said so now stop bitching and get out the car." I have been arguing with Kaylen for 10 minutes trying to get her out the car. "I ain't going." She said. "Then get the fuck out my car cause you ain't sitting in my car this whole fucking time. You wanna go home walk bitch." I said getting out and opening her door. "Fine fuck you Chris I'm done with you. I'm done with this whole relationship." She said. "Good!" I said walking in the IHOP. I got our table and sat down looking at the menu.

15 minutes later

Y/n and Jass came in. Y/n was looking gorgeous. As every time she did when I saw her. "Hello Christain." Y/n said sitting down across from me. "Hey Y/n and Jass." Jass nodded at me saying hi sitting next to Y/n.

We ordered and sat in silence. Till Y/n started to talk. "Where's your girlfriend?" She said sipping on her Shirley temple. "We broke up so I don't know where she's at." I shrugged. "Y/n I'm sorry for being a huge asshole. You tried to tell me but I didn't listen. She was telling me one thing and you was telling me another and I didn't know what to believe." I said looking at her. " I forgive you. I just wanna know why you ain't believe me." She said. I could tell she was hurt. "Kaylen had never lied to me so I just went with my instincts." She shook her head looking down. "Okay." She stopped talking and just watched as the waitress put the food on the table. "I'm so sorry Y/n." I said again. "Its good stop apologizing Chris." She said eating. I smiled to myself cause now I got my best friend back.


After breakfast we went our separate ways. I went home and they went to wherever they went.

When I got home. I saw Kaylen sitting on my steps. "What you want?" I said not looking at her. "Chris I'm sorry." She said hugging me. I moved her off me and walked in the house. "Go get yo shit and by yo shit I mean everything you bought so take off them shoes you got on and shit matter fact gimme back the 150 I gave you to get your hair and nails done." I said knowing she still had it. "I ain't got it." She said walking upstairs to get her shit. "Well you better get that shit cause I will get my money back even if I gotta go to your parents to get that. And when I do imma sing like a canary." I said walking to the steps meeting her and grabbing her bags.

I put them in the back of her car. And walked in the house. "Chris I-" I cut her off and slammed the door her face. That was the last time I was gon' let her manipulate me and do me like she does all the time.

4:00 PM

I plopped on my bed and Face Timed YN. "Hello? Bae! Move!" She said. "Hey hey." I said flashing my million dollar smile. "Hey Chris." She said. "Hey Christain." Jass said. "Hey Jasmine." I said back. "So... I was thinking just me and you a movie. On me. To celebrate our coming back together." I said. "Yeah sure umm...... 8-9 or no?"she asked. I nodded. "Alright start getting dressed cause you take forever to get ready." I joked. "So do you mister it takes time to get this sexy." She said mocking me. We laughed and hung up.



I was laying in bed straddling Jass hugging her. I was making cute couple videos. "Baaae?" I said. "Yes?" She said looking at me. "I don't know what I'd do without you. If you die I'd kill you." I said kissing her. "You crazy girl." She said holding me tighter.

I posted the it. And watched comments roll in. Some of my followers @'ed me on Twitter. Some girl was subtweeting talking about. "She talking about she in love with Jass but she was just in my DMs. Jass ain't loyal. She still come see me on the weekends." It was screenshots of some fake Jass page in the girl DM. And pictures of her and Jass cuddled up. I responded: "bby girl that is a parody page. Jass real Twitter is @BlasianJass. But tbfh who house she at right now? Oh okay " I linked the video I just made moments ago. "Jass get ya ex mane." I said irritated. "Record this shit Bae." She said. I did as so. She picked up her phone and called some one. "Ayo Layla...... You know damn well that I ain't seen yo ass since I been up here..... Why you fronting for Twitter..... My girlfriend crazy she will hurt you man.... Don't call, text, DM, VM, IM me or nothing." "Unless you want a muhfuckin IV bitch." I yelled. We laughed and she hung up.

Jass picked her phone up laid her head in my lap and started recording. "I'll see you in the morning." she said in a weird voice. "I don't really want you to go." I said. "Okay but I'll be back in the morning." "In the morning when?" I said looking at her. "10 o clock." She said. "Look don't play with me Jasmine." "Now gimme kiss." She said puckering her lips. I kissed her passionately.



I left Yn's house and went to get my siblings from Aftercare. I sat outside as all the kids ran out. "Jada and Jamal." I said kneeling down to their level and opening my arms. "Jassy!" They yelled running to me and hugging me. I put them in their car seats and drove off. "Y'all hungry?" I asked. "Yeah. Jamal ate my food cause he gave his food to that girl Polly." Jade said. "Jamal? What I say about your giving up food?" "Only give up food to people who would do the same and need it." He recited. I had told him this about 4 times before. It was like reading a book you've read many many times before. "Alright mini me, I'll get you some 'Wendy's'." I said driving toward the Wendy's.

"Jassy, mommy said you always gone cause you with your girlfriend. Do you love her more than us?" Jamal asked coloring in his coloring book. "No. I love you equally. Its just she's been going through somethings." I said eating my fries. "Oh well maybe I could dance for her and make her happy. Cause I do that for you." He said. I chuckled. "Yeah lil man we'll set it up."


5:30 PM

Kaylen was crying hard on my shoulder. Her and Christain broke up and this time she was sure it was permanent. She was crying about how Y/n had gotten between them and that he aint want nothing to do with her. I had to do something and something quick to fuck Y/n life up like she did Kaylen

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