Chapter 11- Crocodile Dundee

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"Andrew!" I heard Lola scream and I came to answer her whale calls. She is really mad at me for ditching her early these past few weeks so I'm letting her off on time as a reward and staying for her to work on Landon's cake. I need space from him, I've decided. He is a complete mind fuck and every time I'm near him I lose my morals.

"Andrew!" She screamed again just as I turned the corner. She was wearing a cute black dress with red heels and red lipstick to match. "Zip me up." I did as told and glanced down her bra to see the falsies were in.

"Who is he?" I asked trying to act like I haven't been a bad friend and not keep up with her love life.

"His name is Bad best friend who never listens and he's Fuck off years old and works at screw you bastard," she snapped making me back up. I've honestly been only worried about my life lately and I need to stop it. Landon is a friend. There. Now my BEST friend is having a date and apparently I've been caught in Landy Land so I didn't even notice she was talking to him.

Let's approach the beast and see what she does, shall we?

"I'm sorry Lola. I've been a dick and I've excluded you from my life when you're the only person that keeps me on track. Please let me make it up to you and let me listen to you." She looked me deep in the eyes and then threw her arms around me sighing dramatically.

"I forgive you," she sighed. "His name is Lance and he's from California. He is a big business man and owns that new ranch out on the edge of town. I met him here in the parking lot. I was eating cake and cursing you and ended up slipping only to be caught by him."

"Awwww," I cooed.

She blushed. "He was here to buy a late night snack and just caught me from falling so I opened back up and made him a key lime cupcake and we just talked and talked until like twelve and we've been going on dates for the past two weeks. He's so charming and handsome. He's tall, raven haired, with deep green eyes, and a bubble butt. He is so formal and gosh he is so nice."

I smiled as she fangirled. "He sounds amazing."

"He is," she said but then frowned. "I keep having him pick me up from here though because I don't know him quite well enough. I think tonight I want to fuck though."

I choked on my spit. "LOLA!" She laughed evilly until we heard the door chime and we both peaked our heads around the corner of our rack to see a man that was pursumably Lance.

"I can see you," he said and a nice baritone voice. We both squealed and then pulled back. I checked her make up, bra, and then her ass before kissing her cheek and pushing her out before following.

He is super handsome I have to say but nothing compared to Landon Octavius. "Oh is this the rainbow bitch you always talk about?" He said in a warm manner. I gasped as she turned red.

"Yeah that's him," she chuckled.

"Formally known as Andrew," I said politely and stuck my hand out. He shook it firmly and I nodded In approval he must be good with his hands. He clicked his tongue as he checked his watch.

And good with his mouth.

Slay bitch slay! Way to go Lola!

"We have to go babe," he said sweetly and put his hand on her lower back. He nodded to me. "Have a great night Rainbow bitch formally known as Andrew. It was very nice to meet you."

Lola laughed as I smiled. He's a keeper. "And it was nice to meet you Bubble butt Lance." His cheeks went red as I winked and Lola almost ran in her six inch heels. I smiled to myself and decided to close shop now rather than in fifteen minutes.

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