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Another request by EnderWolf64MC!

Y/n pov

I starred at the lake of lava. I came to the Nether to test my luck. I would walk across a thin bridge of netherack, over a thirty foot drop into lava. It wouldn't matter if I fell, I hope I do, actually. I made a deal with myself, if I survive, then I live for as long as i can..handle. If I fall, well, I get what I wanted, death. I was dead on the inside, like a hollow shell of what I once was. I was always sad, and barley talked, ate, even leave my room. I stood in front of the 'bridge'. Placing on foot in it, I hauled myself on it. Starring strait ahead, one foot after another, I slowly inched my way across.
A quarter of the way threw.
Please fall.
Half way.

Please fall.
Third of the way there.
Please fall.
Almost there....
A loud snap sounded from behind me. And suddenly, I was falling. I didn't scream. Closing my eyes, tears were whipped away from my eyes. The heat of the lava got hotter and hotter as I got closer and closer. With a sudden jerk, I stopped falling. I snapped my eyes open. "What the hell were you doing!?" A voice yelled. I looked into blazing (Hurhurhur) orange eyes. I realized someone was holding me bridal style. He had brown hair, slightly covered by a black hood with orange designs on it. Same with the entire cloak, it had a cape, burns spotted threw it. He wore a white bandanna with two oranges 'T's on it. "Answer me!" He demanded, anger clear on his face. "I-I.." I was still crying, my words not understandable. I looked down, and realized that we were still in the air! He was floating...and now that I noticed, a few blaze rods circled around him. He sighed and teleported to an open section of a stronghold. He sat me down on the ledge, and stood in front of me. "Start talking." He said, crossing his arms. I choked down the tears, and managed to calm down enough to talk. "I-I have no friends, o-or family. I-I'm always s-sad...a-and depressed. I-I just didn't want to live." I looked down. He sighed and carefully picked me up. "Well you have a friend now." He said with a smile. He held me in a hug, kinda. I hugged back, and asked his name. "My name's Seto, and what is the name of the beautiful girl I saved?" (The cringe is real) I blushed a little, smiling, "Y-Y/n." He smiled back, and...gently kissed the top of my head.

I'm just stahping it here. Dunz hate teh end plz

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