Ch. 10 Last Night

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Katniss' P.O.V.

I wake up shivering because of the freezing air. I open my eyes and squint, trying to adjust to the light from the open window. It looks to be about 5am and I definitely can't sleep surrounded by the frigid winter air. I sigh and just as I begin to sit up, I am pulled back down. I gasp and quickly flip around to see Peeta clinging onto me, still asleep. That's right, he came last night. I sigh and flop back down, burying my face in his shoulder. He tightens his grip and I smile.

"Hey" he says groggily.

"It's cold" I reply, not looking up.

He shifts his position and reaches over me, grabbing an extra blanket and laying it on top of me.

"Mmm" I mumble and snuggle into him, falling back asleep.


Katniss' P.O.V.

When I wake again, the sunlight is completely beaming through the open window. I turn my head and remember Peeta. Last night we kissed and I don't want to confront him about it. What if he's only doing this out of pity for me? I know that I'm a mess, and I know Peeta cares about me... but does he like me the way I like him? I don't even know my true feelings right now. Peeta's still asleep, so I go to the bathroom attached to his room and change back into yesterday's clothes. I'm hoping to just sneak out, and I'm about to get away with it when I hear his voice. I'm past the doorway, so I keep walking like I didn't hear anything.

"Katniss?" he asks hoarsely, calling out to me.

I freeze.

"Katniss?" he repeats.

I slowly turn around. He's sitting on the edge of the bed staring at me with a nervous look on his face.

"Yeah?" I say with a smile, trying to make him less worried.

"Where are you going?"

"Oh, well I have to go. You know...gotta get back, check on the cat" I say lamely.

"Since when are you worried about Buttercup?" he asks, groggily, obviously not believing me.

I feel my cheeks start to burn up, and they must be some bright shade of red by now.

"Sorry, I just have to go okay, I'll talk to you later."

"Well do you want some breakfast before you go?" he asks, getting up off the bed.

"No, no that's alright." I say, trying to avoid any talk because I know it will lead to a conversation about the kiss last night.

"It wouldn't be any trouble." he says.

"It's okay Peeta, I'm not really hungry anyway. But thank you."

He nods.

"I'll see you later okay?" I say trying to sound casual, but I really do mean it.

He looks past me, slightly biting the corner of his mouth, then looks down at the floor as if he's deep in thought. "Okay." he says after looking up at me quickly. I nod my head and before he gets the chance to say anything else, I'm out the door.

Peeta's P.O.V.

Wow I scared her away that quickly? That must be some sort of record. Why was she in such a hurry to leave? I didn't say anything wrong to her did I? I try to think back. No, no I didn't, I woke up and she was rushing out the door. I can't think of any reason why she would act like that. Unless-, unless- no. Oh no. Ugh I'm so stupid. I facepalm myself. Stupid...stupid...stupid. Of course she wanted to leave. Im such an idiot, I kissed her last night, and she was probably too tired to think about it and just fell asleep. She must have woken up and realized what happened and ran out before I could confront her about it. Well at least now I know how she feels about me. Ugh, why did I do that?


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