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Hey so this is Emma, I guess you'll know this is my update if this parts written in italics? I'm honestly so excited to collab with Rob for this, I hope you enjoy this fic! We'd love to here what you think!!
Here's update one, I guess.... :)
"I'm not sure I want to go Louise, you know I don't like parties," I mumbled as she zipped up my black dress.

"Zoe! Don't chicken out on me now!" She exclaimed, sliding a bobby pin into her hair. I looked down at my toes, I couldn't make eye contact with her, she knows that I don't like crowds.

"I don't know," I mumbled, moving my feet. "I won't know anybody, and it'll be loud and.."

She got a hold of my shoulders and looked down at me.

"Chummy, you'll be fine. I'll be there for you and I think Joe will be there, if you need to come home, I'll take you," She smiled. "Does that sound okay?"

I nodded my head, reluctantly. I haven't left my house much over the last week and I need to live my life like a normal girl my age. My Mum used to bug me to leave but she's given up now.

"Eek! This will be so exciting!!" Louise cheered, jumping up and down with me.

We were getting a taxi to the venue. It wasn't too far from my house which is a plus I guess.

I pulled on some pale heels which were quite comfortable. I needed a pair of heels because otherwise I'm tiny!

We hopped in the taxi and drove. I could feel myself shaking as we got closer but I focused on my breathing, making sure not to panic too much.

It was just a party.

A party full of people I don't know, people I don't know drinking, tight spaces and loud music.

Yeah, it was nothing...

We pulled up outside and I was doing my best not to cry. Louise gave me a friendly smile and then gave my hand a squeeze.

"You'll be fine," She whispered as we stepped out the taxi into the street.

I nodded my head and slowly walked towards the pumping music. I shuffled up the stairs and took a step back once we reached the door that lead to the party.

Louise looked at me, obviously recognising my reluctancy. She smiled at me and then gave me a hug.

"Trust me on this chummy, you'll regret this if you don't go in there." I nodded at her and she smiled. "If it's that's bad, come and find me in an hour and we'll go home."

I smiled at her and followed her in.

I admit, it didn't look as bad as I'd built up in my head but it was still bad. I walked to the bar and ordered a lemonade since I don't drink and then wandered to the seats in the corner.

I was obviously the most unsociable person at the party as I was just sitting in the corner away from everybody. Nobody was trying to talk to me though, I wasn't that bothered.

I checked my phone to see what time it was and gasped.

10 minutes? I've only been here 10 minutes!

I sighed and rested my head back on the wall.

"Zoe?!" I heard an over-excited voice scream. I looked up and rolled my eyes.

"Hello smelly," I giggled, looking up to see my younger brother Joe standing with a tall, dark haired boy.

I had to try very hard to take my gaze off of him, I mean damn.

"Well, you don't smell too good yourself," Joe smiled, falling backwards onto the seat in front of me.

"Joe are you drunk already?" I laughed, looking him up and down.

The party was only going on for half an hour, how can he be like that?

"No!" Joe defended, while laughing.

"He is," The boy who was now sitting next to me laughed.

"Alfie mate!" Joe shouted. He stuck his hands up at him and shrugged. "Ugh, I'm going to get a drink."

Joe stumbled back over to the bar and I shook my head at him.

"At least one of us is having fun," I mumbled, turning my attention to the boy next to me who I've come to know as Alfie.

"You're not having fun? I think it's pretty insane," He smiled. He had this adorable side way smile, it made my heart melt.

"It's not really my thing," I mumbled, smiling at him.

"Well maybe we could make it your thing?" He suggested, I looked him up and down.

Mainly in shock but also a teeny tiny bit to check him out.

"We?" I asked.

"Sure, why not?" He laughed. "I'm Alfie Deyes, I like parties."

He reached out to shake my hand and I laughed.

"I'm Zoe Sugg and I don't like parties," I shrugged while trying to hold back my smile.

"We're going to change that sentence to my names Zoe and I'm a party animal by the end of the night," Alfie smirked, reaching for my hand.

"I highly doubt that," I whispered. "This seems like a nightmare."

"Well it'll be like a dream, just you see."

I shook my head and followed him to wherever we were going. I was only following him to spend more time with him.

I like him, he seems alright...

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