2: Finding out ( Your POV)

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I was currently sitting on the couch in mine and Niall's house. Latley I've been feeling sick, but I didn't want to tell Niall, cause I didn't want to worry him. He was currently at the studio recording for the new album. It had been exactly 3 months since me and Niall had started trying to get pregnant so i had bought a pregnancy test earlier just have. I was looking at the calander on my phone and then it clicked. My period was over 1 week late. And add to the fact that i have been sick and throwing up latley.. Could i be...?

I went upstairs to the bathroom got out the test and did my thing. Now all i had to do was wait. After about 5 min i looked at the test. And there it was, in the little windon was the words i had been waiting to see. 'PREGNANT ' . I wad beyond happy so happy that i just had to text Eleanor!!

She was beyond happy for me and i made her promise  not to tell Louis, cause let's face it, he can't keep a secret! Now all i had to do was come up with a fun yet creative way to tell Niall. What should i do? I had no idea what to do, but all i knew what that it had to be  creative! I had to get my thinking cap on! I decided to wait a few days though, cause i wanted to have this news for myself for a little while, well except for Eleanor no one else knew. I was beyond happy though. And i could not wait to tell Niall! I decided to relax the rest of the day, whike comming up with ways to announce this news to Niall.

A/N: There the next part is up:) Hope you all like it! 😘🇮🇪

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