Mindless Behavior Love Story CH.5

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In the waiting room of the Hospital

Roc: wheres the freakin doctor! i wanna see her!

Ray: why do you wana see the doctor?

Roc: not the doctor idiot! the girl! ALIYAH!

Keisha: shhh. calm down roc.

Dr: Hello im doctor Hyde. are all of you here to see... (looks at clip board) Aliyah Davis?

Keisha: yes.

Dr.H: this way

(she lead them to a kinda of sark room and aliyah was asleep on the bed)

Reginae: i kno this isnt the time to act lika brat but... i hate the smell of hospitals!

Tarah: oh hush. (sits in one of the chairs)

Natalyah: shhh. dont u see shes sleepin!

Keisha: im gonna go to the cafeteria to meet money and walter.

Others: Okay.

Roc: (goes beside aliyah and lays his head on her chest) im sorry (closes his eyes)

Girls: awww. :(

Reginae: so which one of yal gonna tell her mom?

Girls: ................

Prince: wut so bad about telling her mom?

Natalyah: well..... aliyahs moms favorite word is sue. so SHE MITE SUE KEISHA!


Roc: we cant let her sue keisha! ikno this is bad but.... idk (smh)

Tarah: one time aliyahs ex tried to get her back and her mom was lik "get of my lawn or i'll sue!

Natalyah: tht was funny!

Reginae: yea ahaha! tht boy ran lik a fat boy who saw an icecream truck!

Girls: lol

Aliyah: (starts to wake up) huh?.... wuh.... guys?

Everyone: ALIYAH!?

Roc: hey baby girl. you okay?

Aliyah: other than my neck leg and arm.... yea

Roc: haha. (kisses her)

Ray: wussup sis. :)

Aliyah: nothin. just layin here in the stank ass hospital.

Reginae: ikr! it smells lik old people underwear!

Everyone: ahahahaha!

Aliyah: (starts coughing) ouch.

Roc: u need a nurse?

Aliyah: roc im fine.

Roc: jus makin sure.

Natalyah: do u kno who threw the rock/stone or wutever?

Aliyah: i remeber seeing a flying arm in the corner of my eye but i wasnt paying attention. i just remeber a black screen.

Natalyah: (starts to tear up)

Reginae: its okay. we gonna find tht stoopid person.

Tarah: omg! 9sees aliyahs leg) stitches?

Aliyah: yea. i feel lik sum kinda broken rag doll tht got a hole and needed to be fixed :P

Tarah: (turns head away) im sorry aliyah.

Aliyah: srry for wut.

Tarah: tht u hav to go thru all this pain and agony!

Aliyah: its okay girl.

Keisha: heeey ali!

Aliyah: hey keisha.

Keisha: i just talked to ur mom. she wa skinda crazy but she said thx for getting u to good care fast. she said she loves u and see u a a year :)

Aliyah: thx...

Keisha: wut rong?

Aliyah: she didnt say anything about.... sueing?

Keisha: no... why?

Girls: no reason.

Keisha: well okay. we gotta go. the dr said u can come back 2morrow so see u then.

Aliyah: okay. bye guys.

Roc: (kisses her) bye aliyah.

Aliyah: bye baby.

(they leave and go back to the bus)

Keisha: okay boys get ready for ur show.


Keisha: and. i kno ur sad but... u gotta dance and sing with all ur power.

Roc: ikno.

Keisha: good. zues start driving. u guys should arrive at the arena in....2 hours.

(keisha leave and zues starts driving towards the arena)

Natalyah: imma stay. i gotta wash my hair.

Reginae: we and tarah goin to the mall. :l

Boys: k

Tarah: u sure u dont wanna come tally.

Natalyah: i have to wash my hair. dont u see its gett  frizzy  and puffy. i gotta straighten it too :l plus i got no money.

Tarah: okay. (tarah and reginae go get changed for the mall)

Prince: natalyah.

Natalyah: wut.

Prince: Mall is ur favorite word. why dont u wanna go?

Natalyah:  becuz i have to wash m-

Prince: the real reason...

Natalyah: bcuz im not in the mood. who saw all those bloddy gauzes in the trash can! u saw tht those stiches! u saw her face.... does tht make u sad at all?

Prince: yes but.... i still gotta live my life tally. u gotta live urs.

Natalyah: fine. but im still not going. i really do have wash my hair.

Prince: there nothing wrong with it...

Natalyah: put ur fingers thru my hair lik u do wen u kiss me intensly.

Prince: (puts his finger thru her hair) damn. its so rough...

Natalyah: exactly. now get off me.

(they arrive at the arena and the boys go to their show. then reginae and tarah go tot he mall. Natalyah is on the bus alone)


I wonder if they remember that my birthday is tomorrow.... PRINCETON BETTER NOT FORGET OR HE AINT GETTIN  ANY GOODIES!

Anyway. lemmi go wash my hair. while im at it. i think i'll take a shower. (takes shower and washes her hair)

(looking in the mirror) look at this puffyness! (starts to straighten her hair)

One more piece and im done! (finished) free time! hmmm mabey i'll snoop thru princetons stuff and then blast some music and dance lik an idiot. YEAH! (does all tht stuff)


Tarah: okay so wut should i get for tally?

Reginae: idk but im getting her these shorts, this cute belt, and her fav thing... a gir shirt!

Tarah: aww thts cute! i think imma get her yellow, blue, and purple nail polish, and this rose ring.

Reginae: nice! but dont u think we should get one more thing....

Tarah: wut?

Reginae: (bits lip) usually wen it a girls bday. her man wats to do sumthin special...

Tarah: oh... ohhhh. OHHHHHHHHHH! i get it! u want to get her sum co-

Reginae: shhhhhhh dont say it out loud! now go get a box and come back. imma get a backup present in case princeton dumb ass forgets.

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