Mindless Behavior Love Story CH.5

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In the waiting room of the Hospital

Roc: wheres the freakin doctor! i wanna see her!

Ray: why do you wana see the doctor?

Roc: not the doctor idiot! the girl! ALIYAH!

Keisha: shhh. calm down roc.

Dr: Hello im doctor Hyde. are all of you here to see... (looks at clip board) Aliyah Davis?

Keisha: yes.

Dr.H: this way

(she lead them to a kinda of sark room and aliyah was asleep on the bed)

Reginae: i kno this isnt the time to act lika brat but... i hate the smell of hospitals!

Tarah: oh hush. (sits in one of the chairs)

Natalyah: shhh. dont u see shes sleepin!

Keisha: im gonna go to the cafeteria to meet money and walter.

Others: Okay.

Roc: (goes beside aliyah and lays his head on her chest) im sorry (closes his eyes)

Girls: awww. :(

Reginae: so which one of yal gonna tell her mom?

Girls: ................

Prince: wut so bad about telling her mom?

Natalyah: well..... aliyahs moms favorite word is sue. so SHE MITE SUE KEISHA!


Roc: we cant let her sue keisha! ikno this is bad but.... idk (smh)

Tarah: one time aliyahs ex tried to get her back and her mom was lik "get of my lawn or i'll sue!

Natalyah: tht was funny!

Reginae: yea ahaha! tht boy ran lik a fat boy who saw an icecream truck!

Girls: lol

Aliyah: (starts to wake up) huh?.... wuh.... guys?

Everyone: ALIYAH!?

Roc: hey baby girl. you okay?

Aliyah: other than my neck leg and arm.... yea

Roc: haha. (kisses her)

Ray: wussup sis. :)

Aliyah: nothin. just layin here in the stank ass hospital.

Reginae: ikr! it smells lik old people underwear!

Everyone: ahahahaha!

Aliyah: (starts coughing) ouch.

Roc: u need a nurse?

Aliyah: roc im fine.

Roc: jus makin sure.

Natalyah: do u kno who threw the rock/stone or wutever?

Aliyah: i remeber seeing a flying arm in the corner of my eye but i wasnt paying attention. i just remeber a black screen.

Natalyah: (starts to tear up)

Reginae: its okay. we gonna find tht stoopid person.

Tarah: omg! 9sees aliyahs leg) stitches?

Aliyah: yea. i feel lik sum kinda broken rag doll tht got a hole and needed to be fixed :P

Tarah: (turns head away) im sorry aliyah.

Aliyah: srry for wut.